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    Default Why doesn't more squirts = more stink?

    Of course, it does, usually.

    However, there seems to be a rather large class of fragrances that are inherently modest and somehow skirt the laws of physics. Applying a few extra squirts of these fragrances has no discernible effect. They're as strong as they are and that's all you get.

    Some examples: Gendarme (all of them, probably, but definitely V), Creed Original Vetiver, Pascal Morabito Or Black, Amouage Dia for Men. These all come out of the bottle with a bang, but as soon the top notes evaporate, they recede to a fixed baseline intensity. I have the constant urge to turn up the volume just a notch. Alas, it seems impossible.

    What's going on? Do these fragrances already occupy every possible scent receptor capable of perceiving them? Does the brain process certain smells differently from others? Is it just a manifestation of olfactory fatigue?

    Or is it just me?

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    Default Re: Why doesn't more squirts = more stink?

    What I've found is that sometimes it seems that way at first, but then the drydown is stronger.

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    Default Re: Why doesn't more squirts = more stink?

    It's just you, Nilla...

    Probably a combo of your skin chemistry, anosmia, and ...

    Nah, it's just you. :-)
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    Default Re: Why doesn't more squirts = more stink?

    It varies I'm sure. I have Dia and I kind of know what you mean, but my experience is that it is a sneaky scent. In my case, when I have applied heavy, it does indeed seem to not exceed a certain level, but others have approached me about it HOURS after I applied and thought it was long gone.

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    Default Re: Why doesn't more squirts = more stink?

    Quote Originally Posted by actiasluna View Post
    Nah, it's just you. :-)
    In the future, if anyone ever doubts that "it" is all about me, I can just refer them to this thread.

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    Default Re: Why doesn't more squirts = more stink?

    Some of them do behave in a weird way. For example, sometimes I can't get any whiff from the scent I applied after two or three hours but people would comment on how I smell, or scents considered nice as well as examples of poor longevity would turn into a nightmare if overapplied, or better still, assumed to be any other scent rather than the one being used.

    Strange molecules plus one's metabolism don't ask for generalizations.

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