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    Default If I were a perfumer... A new "Un jardin..."

    If I were a perfumer working in Hermès, which would be the next “Un jardin”?
    Let me think:

    1) Un jardin en Méditerranée: Europe and the Mediterranean coast, a garden near the sea, an aquatic thing.

    2) Un jardin sur le Nil: an African garden on a river, the aquatic thing again. The novelty note: the green mango.

    3) Un jardin après la Mousson, an Asian garden under the rain, water again. The novelty note: the ginger lily.

    So the next it would be:

    A garden in an American place, a beach, a jungle, the humidity, something related to water too. Well, maybe it would be "Un jardin dans l’Amazonie"… but there is the "Amazone" noun into the Hermès perfumes.

    Which notes? America’s flora. No sandalwood, oud, rose, iris, lavender or orange. The novelty note: Brunfelsia americana, the “Galant de nuit” from West Indies, a sweet, pleasant and intriguing perfume, an indolic one as a jasmine or gardenia scent.

    Top notes: To add the “lemon” scent of the top notes Brassavola nodosa and Rhyncholaelia dibyana orchids from Central America and Brugmansia (the American Datura).

    Middle notes: Brunfelsia americana absolute, cardamom from Guatemala, tuberose (indeed, it´s from Mexico) Sacuanjoche (Nicaragua national flower better know as Frangipani, indeed, Frangipani is from Tropical America) Habanero Pepper from Yucatan (this last one certainly it would be a challenge, but you know Eau de Gentiane Blanche has pepper too, and if you wear EGB here in Mexico, there is always someone who say “heyyyy, something smells like Jalapeño chili” ☺), chocolate and Cestrum nocturnum (Lady of the night) (wwooooww the middle notes are too heavy!!!)

    Base notes: Vanilla and mahogany from Mexico, Vetiver from Haiti.

    Do you think that it will be a nice scent? ☺

    The package: The same design as the other "jardins" in white and aquamarine blue as the Mayan Riviera sea.

    The presentation lines: “Between the voluptuous garden foliage near the sea shore and under the full moon light, the just opened Galant de nuit buds express the mystery scent from ancestral legends. America, the sorceress, vanishes under the moon into the sea…”

    The name?

    Un jardin dans les Caraïbes ☺
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    Default Re: If I were a perfumer... A new "Un jardin..."

    That doesn't sound bad at all. Fleur de Liane was inspired by a Costa Rican forest, and that one is quite awesome, so I have no doubt that this could be good, too.

    Also, I can't have enough Japan-inspired scents, so one inspired by a zen garden (rock, cedar, tea, extremely minimalist) would be very cool, IMO. And I think that a Pacific-island inspired scent would be cool, too.

    Given that they have to send him to wherever, a trip to the Caribbean would be surely not be a bad time!
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    Default Re: If I were a perfumer... A new "Un jardin..."

    I would do Un Jardin de Nouvelle-Angleterre (A New England Garden)

    The press image would be this:

    Featured Notes would be: Mountain Laurel, Juniper, Magnolia, Azelia, Sweet Fern (not really a fern), Oak Tree

    And the unique note would be : New Jersey Tea
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