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    Default how will know if a perfume is fake?

    hey fragrance experts!

    which thing makes you decide if a perfume is fake or a real one? do share as it will help all perfume buyer and scent lovers. Thanks

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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    Check to see if the bar-code on the bottle is the same bar-code on the box...If they don't let you see then don't buy

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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    You wont know for sure unless you buy from reputable sellers.

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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    but still i have heard some perfumes from Ebay were also fake? so how can one make this sure? is there really no way at all

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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    Hi PerfumeGoddess

    This is something that has been previously discussed however I've always felt that your strongest guide is your nose.

    I make a habit of going to a mall and testing the fragrance out first and making sure I know what it smells like before ordering online. However, you must be very careful because the bottles in the mall are CONSTANTLY EXPOSED TO HEAT AND LIGHT and this will alter their smell and progression GREATLY. I had this problem determining the authenticity of Issey Miyake's Intense. The solution is to visit multiple outlets to test two different testers of the same fragrance and compare them to your purchase. This is not always an option so ...

    Look at the quality of the bottle and engravings or prints on the box e.t.c

    Does the plastic film over the box look flimsy and cheap? Is it symetrically wrapped around the box? Are there any spelling errors on the box?

    Does the lid fit well onto the bottle? Does the bottle actually look like the one in the mall? The box too?

    Does the juice smell right to you? How long does it last? In fact does the atomiser work? (PS: some atomisers are just bad, this is not necessarily a red flag)

    Then finally.. was the deal too good to be true? Have you checked the sellers feedback for multiple negative comments regarding authenticity? Comments for late postage or wrong size sent are common, ignore these unless there are a lot of them(enter merchant id into toolhaus)

    After a while you should simply know as soon as the package arrives. However, you still aren't completely immune. If you buy a lot of bottles, you will probably encounter a fake or at the very least, a bottle that has gone off.
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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    Ebay is the biggest crap shoot of all.

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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    thanks critic it was such an experienced reply

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    Default Re: how will know if a perfume is fake?

    Good tips, Critic. Just this week I was scammed on eBay. The product was very, very watered down, and I was familiar with what it should smell like. I'm lucky that I was able to ship back this imposter and I did receive a full refund - whew. I have made a couple successful past purchases, and others have picked up some awesome deals & vintage fragrances on eBay. I've decided for myself, though, that I'll now only buy from a reputable source. Good luck, PerfumeGoddess, and I hope you always get the real deal!
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