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Thread: Hey everyone :)

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    Default Hey everyone :)

    hello all! im newish to this whole fragrance thing, since around fall of last year actually is when i bought my first cologne (AE True). i started out with hollister, AE, pac sun, etc. colognes and thanks to all the reviewers on youtube, ive been getting into much higher quality stuff.

    i own:
    Vurt (red, green, black)
    Hollister: Socal, Jake
    A+F Fierce
    AE True
    Le Male
    John Varvatos by Varvatos
    Adidas Deep Energy
    Thierry Mugler Ice*Men
    some walmart eau de parfum knock-off of acqua di gio (do not buy it lol, most cloying citrusy waste of $10)
    Im probably buying A*Men today after sampling it so many times and hearing so much praise about it, plus i love gourmands hahaha

    so theres my collection! if anyone has any recommendations for me, id love to hear them. my favorite kind of scents are the extremely complex ones/anything with vetiver, i love vetiver haha

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    A couple of vetiver recommendations for you: Mugler Cologne and Guerlain Vetiver are very good and worth trying.

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    P.S. There is a thread on this same page titled "greenest colognes out there" or something like that. Some of the fragrances mentioned there might suit you.

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    Welcome aboard !!.
    If you like vetiver give Lalique Encre Noire a shot.

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    Try Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Should be easy to find.

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    KenzoAir by Kenzo is an easy vetiver to wear all day. Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    Try Bond no 9's New Haarlem if you like gourmands.

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    Default Re: Hey everyone :)

    Hi there, glad that you introduced yourself. Some good vetiver suggestions so far. I just had a shower and then scent of Roger and Gallet Vetiver. It is nice, there is soap in it as well.
    Jo Malone Vetiver is good on its own or as a vetiver layer element.
    For a treat, get a sample or try Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo which is a great, complex vetiver scent.

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