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    Question The first "Sport" fragrance

    So many "sport" fragrances are coming out nowadays: dior homme sport, gucci pour homme sport, burberry sport-

    Does anyone know which was the first fragrance market as "sport"?

    And which is the best so far, in Your opinion?

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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    I'm not sure what was first but I know this.....Polo Sport was the first to get my attention.....I have never smelled this but have read that Boss Sport was very nice.....Claiborne Sport was nice also.....I have never been a big fan of Sport scents.....This is why I have always believed that Polo Sport is one of the Best Sport Scents of all time!!!

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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    The directory has a Lanvin 'Apres Sport', circa 1925. Cripes :)
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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    The only fragrances with "Sport" in their name that I feel are worth owning are:

    Cartier Santos de Sport (1989)
    Kouros Cologne Sport (2003)
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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    Polo Sport was my 2nd ever fragrance and the one I wore throughout College and Grad School. It didn't matter if it was spring, summer or winter, I wore it :P

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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    I don't know about this Lanvin Aprés Sport, but in 1929 Jean Patou launched Le Sien, which was marketed as an unisex fragrance suitable for sports enthusiasts.

    It could possibly be the first unisex and the first sports fragrance.

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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    I lke to think that the prototype of the sport scent is the early fougere. It was meant to evoke mossy forests and grassy fields -- in other words, the great outdoors. Wild Fern (1887, Geo F Trumper) is early. The more famous Fougere Royale (Houbigant 1882) had one of the first synthetic notes, a hay-like note from coumarin.

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    Kouros was available in a lighter 'Eau de Sport' version around 1986.

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    Default Re: The first "Sport" fragrance

    Interesting facts odysseusm, Thank You

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