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    Exclamation How Close it It?

    How close to being a very similar fragrance is Egoiste to Bois des I'les. I see threads claiming that it is similar and have some Egoiste en route. What is the real truth on this subject? As you know I have Guerlain flowing in my veins, most especially Mitsouko, so Chanel is an undiscovered country.
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    I started a thread a couple of weeks ago about how BdI parfum was very similar to Egoiste. And it is. Think about it this way; the heart-drydown of Egoiste smells like the BdI parfum, which I find to be quite linear. Yes when you sniff then closely and examine meticulously, BdI does smell more rich and expensive, but in the end, it smells very similar. I find BdI EDT to be quite different from Egoiste because of its overdose of aldehydes and that gingerbread note, but in the end, they do have similar drydowns. I know a lot of people may disagree, but I've tested my theory many times, and in the end I always get the same result. I defend my points to the death

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    I have the BdI in parfum and Egoiste, to me they are sandalwood but very different versions of it. Bois has alot of aldehydes and almost turphine blast in the opening. Egoiste is woody dry spicy hot. Bois is more complex by far. I believe the edt verison of Bois(old school not the exclusive), is even bigger in atomic blast of aldehyde opening.
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    I hadn't smelled Egoiste in many years, but I bought a bottle recently and was struck by the similarity between it and BdI, but they really are different fragrances. I think the fact that they share a very unusual accord meant my nose homed in on the similarities.

    Incidentally, I recently spilled some BdI parfum on my jacket and, after kicking myself for wasting it, I was in Heaven for several days. BdI is very refined, and even when overused it doesn't lose its composure. I wouldn't imagine overdosing on Egoiste would be such a pleasant experience.

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    I think both must have Givaudan sandalwood accord in the base, but to me they smell completely different. BdI is mostly sandalwood, but I think Egoiste has a lot of Firmenich teak along with the sandalwood. Teak is a note that I dislike intensely, especially in high concentration, so BdI I can wear, Egoiste I cannot. Sample them both and see which one you like better. Some people actually like teak.

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