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    Default Trumper question

    I'm reasonably familiar with Trumper juices and have been for several years, but I'm just wondering if anyone knows when they stopped doing the round 30ml spray bottles (now only used in some stores as testers with a big white sticker saying "TESTER - NOT FOR SALE" on them) for general sale? Just bought four - Curzon, Limes, Sandalwood and GFT - which are definitely not current formulation (they all smell much richer and more intense), but I'm not sure how old they are, and neither was the chemist I bought them from.

    N.B - these are NOT testers, that much I do know.

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    Default Re: Trumper question

    It would be nice to see a picture of these round 30ml bottles.
    I have never seen them or even heard of them.

    Though I have one of those 50ml round tester bottles of GFT Sandalwood that has that huge sticker saying 'Tester Not for sale' on it.

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    And I'd love to post some gupts but, unfortunately, I'm in between cameras right now. But those 50ml tester bottles - exactly the same shape and dimensions, but scale that down to 30ml and stick all the usual Trumper finery on there and that's what they look like. Curzon, Marlborough, Astor and Wellington (AKA The Classic Quartet) were available in this format from the Trumper website up until last year and the rest (at least those frags that were around at the time) were available this way about 10 years ago. Given Sandalwood is the newest of these and that came out in 02, I'm guessing it was sometime between then and last year, but wondered if anyone had a more accurate date.

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    I don't have an accurate date but these bottles are offered from time to time.

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