Hey Gals & Guys,

I was able to track down a sample of this Montale scent. I do not think it is actually listed in the directory. Anyways, I have found myself to be interested in rose scents as of late, hence why I wanted to sample it.

If I can remember my first sampling correctly, Deep Rose reminded me Aoud Rose Petals in some ways. Pretty pleasant scent. It did seem a bit on the subtle side after an hour. I did only have one sampling of this Montale, so another sampling is needed to get a good idea. The only problem is I have hardly any more juice in my vial. Most of it leaked out in transit to me

I basically want to know what YOU think about Montale Rose. Do you like it or not ? How do you feel about it and wearing it ? Is it boring or interesting ? Also, can you comment on longevity and scent strength ?

Thanks and I look forward to reading your replies.