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    Default Duplicating discontinued fragrances?

    I've seen a few different places that offer custom duplication of fragrances. Some are very expensive. I've always wondered if it would be possible for someone to get close to duplicating Patou Pour Homme.
    I just came across this site called Scent Matchers
    I have no affiliation with this site but they offer to duplicate any fragrance for $59.99 for a 3.4 oz bottle. Sounds very hard to believe. Does anyone have any experience with this site or others?

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    Default Re: Duplicating discontinued fragrances?

    Yes, it appears there are several people who have had...interesting experiences with them. Thankfully, BN's search function is one thing in this world that actually does what it says on the box.
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    Default Re: Duplicating discontinued fragrances?

    As I recall from dissecting the thread above and visiting their website, it seems like borderline scam.

    If you complete their questionnaire using totally bogus input, they'll still process and tell you they can match it.

    Try it. Make up anything you want. Eau de Cat. They can match it. There is nothing, no scent whatsoever that the website data base can't "match." I'm sure they'll send a bottle of something horrifically cheap that smells "purty," and if you don't like it, too bad. They have constructed a "money back" policy such that it is impossible to return your purchase under their terms.

    They will NOT be able to mix up anything remotely similar to anything you might ask for. This is not an operation that involves fragrance people or chemists. It's an online con for fragrance morons.

    Incidentally, I have Patou Pour Homme. I think the bottle has gone slightly off. I got it in an odd, odd convenience store that has no business selling fragrances and it certainly wasn't stored under optimal circumstances.

    It is a nice scent, but honestly imo it is hardly the stuff dreams are made of. In a community like this, some frag or another has to take on an aura and mystique above all others. Patou Pour Homme seems to hold that spot.

    If it were "all that," Patou would not have quit making it and I wouldn't have found a bottle for $46.
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    Default Re: Duplicating discontinued fragrances?

    Focusing on Patou homme.....isnt Bijan for men supposed to be close in style to it?

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