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    Default Acqua di Gio issues

    Despite it being too common, I like Acqua di Gio. My wife likes it. I often get compliments. I guess it works well on my skin. I have been wearing it for over 7 years (even though I tried many other fragrances along the way).

    Recently, I purchased a bottle from FragranceNet. It did not smell like my previous bottles. I compared it to the ones in Macy's and Nordstrom's. It is the same stuff, so it is authentic; but different than the ones I had before. I searched for a reformulation thread at basenotes, could not find anything. My favorite scent was gone, and I ended up paying for a scent I would not wear.

    Recently, I was travelling in Italy, and I stopped by the duty-free. The Acqua di Gio there smelled exactly like the previous bottles I had. Puchased one. It smells great.

    Comparing the bottles, the only difference I see is the sprayer hole. The one form Italy is on the right. Hole is smaller, closer the top, and the little black plastic piece around the whole is shaped different (concave vs. flat).

    I think both are authentic, but they smell different. Maybe some variation between batches? Has anyone noticed this, or anything like this?
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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    Trust your nose! I recently came across a fake SMW and I immediately knew. The bottle was duplicated very well though. If you have owned AdG that long and this particular one doesn't smell the same, you are probably right. I took a look at my AdG bottle and the sprayer hole takes up close to half of the top, more like one on the left. I bought mine from Dillards and it smells great.

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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    The one on the left is the one sold in the US. The one on the right is from Italy.

    I think both are authentic. They smell similar, but there is a noticeable difference. Not like a fake vs. original; but more like a variation in ratios of ingredients...

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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    It's always a risk buying from They sold me two bottles of Pi and Kiehl's musk that were both off and smellt weird. Never again.
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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    Damn i just bought a bottle of AdG from and it hasn't even arrived yet. I wish i had found out about this earlier.
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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Desert View Post
    It's always a risk buying from They sold me two bottles of Pi and Kiehl's musk that were both off and smellt weird. Never again.
    they probably do not take care of the bottles right, if you expose them to extreme heat or expose them too much to light that can happen.

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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    There was a thread a while back about how Fragrancenet fragrances are known for smelling off.

    I bought from them once but probably won't again. I think my bottle was slightly off too.

    Could be due to bad storage, or high temperatures in transit, etc.
    Sales thread here

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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    I'm a pretty regular Fragrancenet buyer, but I do note that a few I bought have Arabic letterings in their boxes - which tells me that these are probably grey-market products intended for the Middle East. Which means they may have gone around the world a few times before getting to me.
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    Default Re: Acqua di Gio issues

    This was my last purchase with FragranceNet. As much as I hate paying $$$ at department stores, I decided not to shop with any online retailer for fragrances anymore. Couple of reasons:

    1. No surprises. You get the right stuff, and it's fresh.
    2. Cheap online or Ebay deals encourages purchases that I can do without. I may end up spending more $$$ online...
    3. I really don't like FragranceNet for charging $3 for official free samples. Nordstrom on the other hand, gives me and my wife two bags of free stuff each time we purchase fragrances. If I factor in the free stuff they give us, there is almost no difference.

    On line shopping experience for fragrances was not this crappy before. Too bad.

    But the point of my thread was the difference between the ADG sold here in the US and the one sold in Europe. There is another thread here about Contradiction having similar issues. So you have to make sure what you're buying is not fake, not old, and not inconsistent...

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