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    Default Most fun sparayers

    This should be a fun topic, recently I picked up a 1.7 oz bottle of Realities at Marshall's and one day was spraying it and noticed it shoots over 2 1/2 feet in total! Ya 2 1/2 freakin' feet; heck maybe even more. If you watch Tim's vids.. he does the sprayer test and shows how far they shoot. I don't think anything can top this one.

    Another sprayer I find very fun and intriguing is on the Thallium (as talked about in my recent thread on Thallium) It's way neat. It's like a button you press, and is actually high quality compared to its rather cheap feeling bottle. It looks like they put most of the money into the sprayer.

    Feel free to add yours.

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    Default Re: Most fun sparayers

    Acqua di Parma Colonia's 100mL bottle has the most powerful sprayer I have ever tried. You can do some real damage with the one on M7, too, if you catch it just right.

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    Default Re: Most fun sparayers

    The new edition Canoe's sprayer: keeps spraying as long as your finger is on the plunger.
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    I have no personal experience, but I hear the Creed (leather) atomizers are wicked. That it's practically impossible to apply less than 2mls out of it.

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    It terms of sprayers, Malle's are super-soakers. I was practically smothered in Carnal Flower when I sprayed from the bottle.

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    Bottles from the CFC years are fun, in a twisted way. I have a cologne that is in no way an expensive nozzle, but that propellant releases a luxe, superfine hiss of fragrance that bears no relationship to pressing the sprayer. Take that, ozone layer!
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    Default Re: Most fun sparayers

    Paco Rabanne XS & Black XS = Fire Hose!

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    For sheer looks, try the bottle of Alexander McQueen's Kingdom. It comes with instructions on how to hold the sprayer because of the unusual bottle shape and the location of the piston. You have to hold the spherical/heart object at an angle and spray...,True/

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    Black XS is definitely up there for sure.

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    Default Re: Most fun sparayers

    The entire Red Series (Sequoia, Rose, Palisander, Harissa and Carnation) from Comme des Garcons, spray just beautifully and feel strong & solid when you press them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MassMenace View Post
    Paco Rabanne XS & Black XS = Fire Hose!
    +1 XS = Fire Hose. I've yet to experience a more succulent spray than that.

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