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    Default Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Hi, I'm hosting a perfume evening for a handful of girlies. I want it to be light hearted, but interesting and fun. I would appreciate running these ideas by you guys and see what you think.

    I have taken a list of each persons favourite perfumes and dissected them to their top, mid and base notes to see if there is anything in common. I shall give each person the results of my findings.

    I was thinking of obtaining or recommending other perfumes they may like to try based on these.

    I was thinking of talking them through each category of perfume types, ie. chypre, oriental etc and giving them one or two in each category to smell.

    Possibly giving them some of the EO's to smell that make up their favourite perfumes and maybe give them a little bottle of base oil and letting them mix their own oil based on these.

    Do you think this will just be too much at once smellwise. Would a bowl of coffee beans help?

    I would appreciate any suggestions to make it fun. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    What a great idea :)

    If you're worried that their noses might begin to fail, you could swap to taste for some of the notes. Some of the florals are nice to eat - violets (parma violets, violet creams), rose (turkish delight, rosewater, rose creams), lavender (biscuits). Vanilla icecream is a must :) Thornton do a tonka bean chocolate bar.
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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Love that idea. I will definitely look for all or some of those things.
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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    I once threw a wedding shower for someone and one of the party games was Guess the Scent. I filled 10 different vials with a different common essential oil and the girls had to guess what each was. They passed the bottles around and had a grand time of it. It turned out exceedingly hard for them though, and no one got them all right. I was a little surprised at that, even with some quite common oils. It was a lot of fun though, but if I were to do it again, I'd have a list of maybe 20 oils, (half of the ones bottled), and let them use that to figure them out. It would have resulted in more victories.

    Your ideas are splendid!

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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Those parties are so much fun!
    I wouldn't waste your precious EO's but rather try some Fragrance oils, the sweet bakery and fruity types are very popular with girlies. For example from this supplier:
    Because any fragrance materials are concentrated I'd suggest to prepare 10% dilutions in oil before hand. They can try a drop directly on their skin or on a tissue without overpowering their noses or get an allergic reaction.
    (asking about allergies is a must as the % under teens is quite high)

    Have fun & good luck!

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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Good idea about dilution. Teens.... hmmmm.... not a great problem there. We are nearer the other end of the spectrum....
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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Thank you for all the suggestions. It went really well. I did these things:-
    1) - Lots of ramekins with real things in like peppercorns, almonds, anis seeds, oranges, lemons, ginger, frankincense, myrrh etc etc and put their essential oils next to them.
    2) - A load of shopping things I already owned with essential oils in them like olbas oil, quit nits, bath salts etc etc.
    3) - Then a long table with all my perfumes on to smell and look at.
    4) - Each person had their own perfumes dissected on a sheet and a list of what may suit them based on those findings.
    5) - I had the breakdown of a few well known perfumes so they could see how many ingredients were in a 'real' perfume like No 5 and Mitsouko.
    6) - I used a musk and jasmin single ingredient, one on each persons wrist to see how skins 'turn' a smell on each individual. Amazing differences were noted. Some had to wash them off. Me included. Next time I won't try such a skanky animal smell or such an extreme floral, but will use a nicer perfume.
    I went on a bit about each of these, then we drank wine and chattered for ages. It was nice and easy to do, and loads of light hearted fun.
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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Sounds like you had an awesome time,and it was an awesome idea too. Maybe, someday I can have a party like this too lol. I just don't know if my friends would get into it. My hubby would!

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    Default Re: Girly perfume evening - any nice ideas?

    Jasmine essential oil (or absolute, concrete, whatever you can get nowadays).

    It does not get any girlier than that, in my opinion!
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