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    Default Re: Which famous person would best suit the fragrances you like?

    In my ideal world, this would be my pick, though I could even realistically picture these famous people wearing what I like:

    F. Scott Fitzgerald, Winston Churchill, Marcel Proust, Napoleon I., George IV. of Great Britain, Mademoiselle Chanel, D'Annunzio, Thomas Mann - I just love scents which suggest a combination between immensely distinguished, though slightly decadent, but also intellectually/artistically accomplished dandysm and Old School/Old World pomp and formality

    I'd also be honored of the following fictional characters would love the frags I like: Fabrizio di Corbera Prince of Salina, Vito Corleone, Jay Gatsby, almost any Proust character, Tony Montana, Charles Foster Kane, but why I would have loved if they enjoyed my signature frags is a bit harder to tell, I guess the association is very loose and does much less refer to their personality, my personality or even the frags which I own and like. It's far more that I associate both these fictional characters and most of my frags an almost unreal notion of dignity and greatness
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