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    Default Summer Gourmands?

    I own A*Men and Le Male and theyre probably my two favorite in my whole collection. i LOVE gourmands and want to wear them, but with summer coming around, its hard to pull them off as aquatics naturally smell better in the heat. are there any gourmands that can be worn in the summer, or ones specifically designed for warmer weather?

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    A thought: Tea fragrances? Or do you definitely want the sweet, pastry-like gourmands?

    I also find that Un Lys has a gourmand-like grainy-sugar appeal in the drydown, even though it doesn't have any note that I could actually identify as gourmand.

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    Virgin Island Water by Creed, A men sunessence summer storm by thierry mugler is around, it is a lighter version of angel men.

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    Maybe a light application of Rochas Man would fit the bill.

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    Frapin Terre de Sarment works for me in the summer.
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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    I personally wear Hanae Mori (edt) in summer. The lemon notes carry out throughout the fragrance so you'll get a nice balance of citrus and sweetness which work pretty well all year round. But I'd suggest testing it before getting it, since to me it seem much like a 'unisex' fragrance.

    The edp may be a little to much for the hot days, since the lemon note goes away much quicker, and is less prominent. (though it doesn't stop me personally..)

    As for my other gourmands like Rochas man, I find it not mixing to well when your sweating, since for me if I start doing to much activity the coffee note of the fragrance actually changes into a horrible body oder intensifier that projects even with little application.
    Lolita Lempicka/Amen/Le Male/Pi is a bit to heavy of a scent to wear in the summer.. Body kouros may be also, but i actually can see it working if you go light.

    lol tho this is just my own experiences, so take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    Fahrenheit 32 comes off as creamy and sweet on me, and it has a nice vanilla dry down. Its really unique
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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    B*Men would fit the bill quite well as a summer gourmand.
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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    you could try Very Irresistible by Givenchy. It is fairly light for a gourmand, and has a prominent fruit note. Think brownie with fruit jello. L'Instant by Guerlain is said to be similar, though I have only sniffed it in passing.

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    Hanae Mori. Check out mah review of it, link in the sig.

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    Default Re: Summer Gourmands?

    Virgin Island Water
    A*Men Sunessence
    Hanae Mori
    Orphee by Maxims

    Gourmands are usually heavier so not many are made for summer and I wouldn't consider fruity fragrances gourmand since there are TONS of fruity stuff. Tea fragrances might be up your alley,

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    Default Summer gourmand

    What's a good gourmand for the summer?

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Gourmands arent the best choice for summer, but from what i read, Chergui can be used.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    HM by Hanae mori.....just go light on the sprayer

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Orphee by Maxims

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    +1 for H.M., perfect Summer gourmand.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Chergui, Pi neo

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    Lightbulb Re: Summer gourmand

    A*Men Sunessence, if you like the idea of an extremely watered down A*Men mixed with oranges.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Gourmands can get heavy in the heat. You'll need something lighter like Pistachio Ganache from Payard. Only $45.00 for a 50ml bottle. Nicely done by the nose of Calice Becker.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    by Penhaligon's

    Head Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Lavender and Sage

    Heart Notes: Geranium and Coffee Absolute

    Base Notes: Vetiver, Nutmeg, Black pepper, Cardamom, Musk, Leather, Sandalwood, Incense, Frankincense and Myrrh

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    HM by Hanae Mori is amazing and entirely unique. I use only the EDP (one chest and one neck). Recently, I fell in love with the complexity of Rochas Man. Although it is much sweeter than HM, I think it would work, as long as you aren't really sweating it up. Actually, Le Male would even fit the bill. It's so endlessly versatile. Again, no more than two sprays on it though! Right now I want Muglers Cologne to fit in between Fahrenheit and HM. Like Fahrenheit, it isn't a gourmand (which I love), nor is it "groundbreaking" per se, but it IS a light, nearly flawless summer scent and it does boast one ENTIRELY unique note! haha

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Rochas Man is light enough that you can get away with wearing in the Summer if applied lightly.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    You could probably get away with Dior's Fahrenheit 32 in the summer if you are very light on the trigger. It has vanilla in the base to make it gourmand, but it begins very floral with a strong orange blossom note. (just be very light on the application as F32 tends to be pretty strong & can get cloying if oversprayed).

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    I would agree with Rochas Man

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    probably the 5th time im posting it these 2 days,

    mandorlo di sicilia

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Aventus =D

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Quote Originally Posted by d4N13L View Post
    Gourmands aren't the best choice for summer.
    +1 ...

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    +1 for Hanae Mori

    I still haven't purchased this yet. Definitely have to as it is a great scent.

    I actually think this is a year round scent as it has citrus for the warmer months and the chocolate vanilla for colder months.

    Also I think Dior Homme would be a good fit for a summer gourmand.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Not tried it yet but there is Armani Diamonds Summer.

    Top notes are amalfi lemon and mint; middle notes are sea water and floral notes; base notes are woodsy notes and cacao.

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    Default Re: Summer gourmand

    Rochas Man.

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