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    Default Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    Hi everyone,

    I'm on a fact-finding mission. (This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds. just kidding.)

    I've found Michael Edwards' fragrance categories very helpful. They've really helped me to identify what types of fragrances I like and to make sense of the ever-expanding universe of scent. The only problem is that the annual book/online subscription is hugely expensive and the free online database maintained by the Fragrance Foundation does not always have all the fragrances currently in production by certain companies. Thus, there are a bunch of frags that I'm curious to place into Edwards' taxonomy. Can anyone help me with the following?

    Noa Perle

    Miss Rocaille
    Les Plus Belles Lavandes

    Fleur d'Interdit
    Insensé Ultramarine
    Insensé Ultramarine for her
    Jardin d'Interdit
    Eau Torride
    Into the Blue

    Cabaret Homme

    Après l'ondée
    Chant d'arômes
    Bois d'Arménie
    Cruel Gardenia
    Oriental Brûlant
    Chypre Fatal
    Gourmand Coquin
    Boisé Torride
    Coriolan/L'Ame d'un héros
    Chamade pour homme

    Trophée lancôme

    Madame Rochas
    Eau de Rochas
    Désir de Rochas femme
    Eau de Rochas Homme


    Rose de uit
    Iris Sivler Mist
    Un Bois Sepia
    Un Lys
    La Myrrhe
    Cuir Mauresque
    Encens et Lavande
    Santal de Mysore
    Muscs Koublai Khan
    Rahat Loukoum
    Tubereuse Criminelle
    Vetiver Oriental
    Fumerie Turque
    Borneo 1834
    Fourreau Noir

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    Default Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    I'll do the ones I feel I "know":

    Noa Perle Fruity

    Miss Rocaille - Floral


    Cabaret Homme Woods

    Après l'ondée Floral Oriental
    Chant d'arômes Fruity
    Nahéma Fruity
    Mahora/Mayotte Oriental
    CoriolanDry Woods
    Derby Mossy Woods

    Madame Rochas Floral
    Eau de Rochas Citrus
    Mystere Woody Oriental
    Byzance Floral Oriental
    Tocade Oriental
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    Default Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    I'm not sure these descriptions fit what you're seeking but... I find it hard to classify some of the odder Lutens in that system.

    Rose de Nuit - Woody Oriental / Mossy Woods ( I notice the chypre category is absent on his wheel? )
    Iris Sivler Mist - Woods
    Un Lys - Floral
    La Myrrhe - Oriental
    Cuir Mauresque - Dry Woods
    Muscs Koublai Khan - Woody Oriental
    Rahat Loukoum - Soft Oriental
    Tubereuse Criminelle - Floral Oriental
    Vetiver Oriental - Woods
    Fumerie Turque - Woody Oriental
    Borneo 1834 - Woody Oriental
    Sarrasins - Floral
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    Default Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    Thanks Galamb, this is great! Exactly what I'm looking for.

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    Default Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    The Chypre category in the Michael Edwards scheme is there, it's just called "Mossy Woods".

    Mitsouko would be "Mossy Woods - Classical"

    That category does have more of the "modern chypres" though, eg Narciso Rodriguez for Her is Mossy Woods too.
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    Default Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    I see my error above, I revised my descriptions to fit into the Wheel.

    Here is a link to it, incidentally:

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    Default Re: Fragrance categories for some frags: need info

    Thanks Hillaire!

    I'm surprised by your placing Nahéma in the Fruity category (though it obviously is very fruity). I thought perhaps in the Floral Oriental category? For me, this is one of those scents that defies easy categorization, I guess.

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