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    Default Erolfa Reformulation???

    Has anyone ever heard of an Erolfa reformulation? I just got the bigger bottle and it smells quite different. The serial number on the 4oz bottle ends in 07, so I'm assuming it is 07 juice. I believe my 2.5 is a bit older but there isn't a serial number on that bottle. The 2.5 juice is a lot darker and the salt/brine note is very pronounced (my preference). The lighter color juice in the 4oz bottle smells a lot lighter with the salt note being hard to notice. They smell much different form each other and I was wondering if there is anybody who has noticed the same thing with Erolfa? BTW, both are authentic. Here's a few pics...

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    Default Re: Erolfa Reformulation???

    There's more citrus in fresh bottles. As the juice gets older, the salt/briny factor will become more pronounced. I prefer the brighter citrus top/fresher juice.

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    Default Re: Erolfa Reformulation???

    Yes, all the olders Creeds have been reformulated. I've had Erolfa before and the new one is way more citrus-sy and is less lasting.
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    Default Re: Erolfa Reformulation???

    I totally agree with the Killer Vavoom. The one I had a year ago IS different from the bottle I just purchased. Both are legit and from Creed. (Which raises another issue) I really liked my inital purchase. Many people complimented the scent. The new bottle's fluid is different in color, the scent is a bit off from my first bottle and it is most definitely not long lasting with the same dry down. I guess when you make these in gigantic vats, something is going to make the outcome different.

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    Default Re: Erolfa Reformulation???

    This is the first time I've heard that this one also underwent a change.

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