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    Default does your perfume changes with the season?

    hey friends!
    do you change your scent for the changing season? In summer and in winter.. or its the same throughout the year?

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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    As I dislike most 'summer' frags, I wear 'winter' frags during summer, yes!

    This year, though, I've bought some clearly summer friendly frags such as
    Allure Édition Blanche; Insensé de Givenchy; Ice*Men; No. 19 ... so I will be
    in more appropriate frags than usual this summer!

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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    Nope , my perfumes change according with my mood only . I dont mind the season , the time of the day or my outfit . I dont mind if im home , at work , shoping or into a visit . My mood is the queen that pick up what fragrance i wear .
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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    As my knowledge about cologne improves, I have certain frags that I wear in the winter, and then others that are just for summer. I even have some that will primarily be used in spring. I try to find the right mood for my fragrances depending on the season and also the time of day and occasion.

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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    My wardrobe is mostly made up of fragrances that work year round. But there are a few that are better for warm or cool weather.

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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    I wear whatever I'm in the mood for, but my mood can be influenced by the season, or more particularly the weather. For example, I'm not likely to wear an oud or an amber right now because it's effing 90 degrees and the humidity is near 100% so I'm more likely to wear a vetiver or a leather like Vetiver pour Elle or Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur but at night in the cool house I might change my mind and go full throttle on Amber Absolute. But in general I don't exclude anything because of the season.
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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    Absolutely. My wardrobe is well divided into different uses.. A few fragrances I use in the fall / winter as daily wear, and others I use in the spring / summer. You wouldn't want to smell someone who smells like leather, spice and cedarwood in the middle of a 90 degree day in the summer, and aquatic / citrus notes just aren't powerful enough to penetrate the frigid air in the winter.

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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    I've given this some thought, since I have often heard people say it's not important - if you love a fragrance whether it's summer or winter - wear it yeararound, just apply a little less when the weather is warm. I concluded that's bull.... When thinking about our fragrance wardrobe, I think it is best to compare it with our actual clothes wardrobe. Why? Frangrances can be just like coats, jeans and sandals. You won't wear half of your fur coat in midst summer heat, just like you are not likely to go strolling in "double" sandals when it's snowing, if you know what I mean... But you probably will wear jeans during all seasons. And so is with perfumes, some are apt for all seasons, but there are some that should be really only worn in winter or summer. For example, yesterday's day started all cold and damp and I chose to wear three light spritzes of Ambre Sultan to lift my mood, as I consider it a comfort scent, but as the day was getting ahead it started to get warmer and I can tell you I didn't perceive it as comfortable at all anymore, just choky...
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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    I change my everyday fragrance twice a year, between winter and spring and summer and autumn.
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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    Totally! Though I recently tried one of my big tropical summer wham-bammers in midwinter (Mahora by Guerlain). It was good. Which just proves it's always worth trying things. (And listening to Dimitri, whose suggestion it was.)

    I usually put away my big heavy-hitting orientals and gourmands in early summer because when it gets hot, I find they're overpowering. Similarly, I'm not that keen on my sharp citrussy things and eaux de cologne in winter, so they get put away (along with the big white tropical florals) in October.

    With me it's all down to temperature and humidity - I find that when it's hot, some fragrances are magnified and get too much, too big for me. That's when I want figs and lemons and bright, clear scents. In the winter I want rich, enveloping, woody, vanillic skanky things that roll up out of my cleavage when I'm bundled up in sweaters and coats.

    Oddly, I can wear incense all year round. Since I developed a love of classic green chypres, I'm looking forward to trying them out in the heat this summer.

    But the point is to try things out and see what you like in what situations. It's all personal taste, after all. There are no rules with perfume. Yay!
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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    I agree with Wordbird- no rules, rulez!!!!!!!
    I wear my perfume according to what 'kick' I'm on - it could be a Caron kick ,a vanilla kick ,a floral kick .
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    Default Re: does your perfume changes with the season?

    I agree in theory that you should wear whatever you want, when you want. However, living in a hot climate, I find that many of my favorite heavy fragrances, such as Vol de Nuit, can be overwhelming in the summer. If I do wear one of them, I do so VERY sparingly. On the other hand, a light citrus cologne can be almost undetectably subtle in cold weather. Many others, such as aldehydes, florals, and chypres, seem to work year-round if I adjust the amount I wear. I use more in cold weather, and a lighter application in summer.

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