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    Something that would be a really nice feature here on Basenotes is the addition of a drop-down menu (similar to the Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Neutral) that gives you the options of whether you own, used to own, or have tested the cologne you're reviewing.

    I'm always curious when I read the reviews how each of us have come to give the description that we give. Because I know (I've done it too) some of us go to a department store or cologne shop and go on a testing binge and then come home to write a full paragraph or two review on a couple or several different colognes.

    I think people that come here to get an idea of something they're looking to purchase, and they depend on us to give accurate descriptions, deserve to know in what circumstances the reviewer was in with the cologne being reviewed. This could also be helpful in knowing how much stock to put into the reviewers words. Much easier to get a feel on a cologne after owning it awhile and after a few wearings rather than something that was tested in a department store with 15 other test strips in your hand.

    I try to have currently owned a cologne before coming here to review on it, but I didnt always do that, especially when I first started out. And I know there are some who have many more reviews than colognes that they actually own, myself included, so this would have to mean that they're reviewing colognes that they no longer own, or have just tested, or even worse, tested a couple of weeks ago and are just getting around to reviewing on it.

    The best thing on BN (other than the forums) are the reviews. Maybe this could improve them some?
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    I'll admit that I'm kind of curious about this, and try to figure it out based on what people say (without going to their wardrobes, since I'm lazy). Sometimes its pretty clear that the person probably doesn't have it, or does, but you're right - ownership is a special endorsement in conjunction with a positive review.
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