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    Default Nelly Rodi - Mystery Perfume House

    If Mike Perez hadn't mentioned this house in a recent thread, I might have have even known it existed. Yet, it seems to be producing dozens of scents, from what little I can glean off the internet, released in series as Comme des Garcons used to do. Only the oriental series made any waves, but apparently there's a floral one out now, too.

    Few talk about these fragrances; no-one seems to sell the bottles. What gives?

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    Default Re: Nelly Rodi - Mystery Perfume House

    The only way I could try the rum fragrance was as part of a "rum" (fragrance note) sampler from theperfumedcourt- it is delicious. They don't even offer an option to buy an individual decant of that one Nelly Rodi Scent Factory fragrance. I'd like to be able to get at least a full 5ml decant let alone a full bottle. The stuff rocks! What gives indeed!

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