You all recommended 11 frags to me, after which I went to theperfumedcourt and purchased decants. One of my faves from the lot is M7. I've been reading on here about the whole M7-new-bottle-reformulated-juice debate, and decided to call around. I spoke on the phone with two YSL America representatives and they said that M7 has been discontinued; in fact, if you go to the official YSL American on-line store, you will NOT find M7.
However, if you go to the International YSL sites, it's still there.
I could not get an answer from the 2 American representatives I spoke with whether it is DISCONTINUED. period., or just not carried anymore by the US store online. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered a large bottle from fragrancenet.com, so I hope it arrives and it is the same thing as was in my decant.

On an unrelated issue: I am new to fragrances, and I am obsessed. My sense of smell has, since I was a child, been the sense that I am most attuned to. I notice how scores of you speak so knowledgeably about notes, sillage, etc on such a wide variety of OBSCURE fragrances. I'm jealous! In your opinions, what are some attainable things I can do to start becoming a conoisseur?

Thanks, Guys!