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    Default Grey Flannel & more.

    I figured I would just put all of these thoughts into 1 thread, instead of cluttering the board.

    First and foremost today I got Paradox Green by Jacomo and Blue Sugar in the mail, Paradox Green is something I've been looking forward to all week, based on the few praising reviews, and my satisfaction with the Jacomo house. thus far.. all I can say is GREEN. Green indeed; I like to wear my fragrances for at least a few days now before doing a review, so I don't have to go back and change my reviews. Many of my reviews have different opinions, because I just didn't give enough time and attention to the fragrance.

    One of those being.. dun..dun..dun.... Grey Flannel. I take back calling it such bad names, it's not horrible. Then again it isn't great either. Ya ever hear people say "I really tried to like this fragrance" well that's my situation here, and I'm still trying to like it. My eyes are super itchy though and my nose is stuffed now since I've had Grey Flannel on today, then too that could just be because of the weather here, or the fact that I've smelled 6 different frags this morning. I'll have to wear GF a little more to know. I bought a bottle yeaaaars ago and gave it to my father as a gift, he still has it in his room.. so from time to time I go in there and take a whiff of it as I see it on the shelf. Today I just said the hell with it, and sprayed one spray on my wrist. First thoughts this time.. Harsh yes, but not horrible; maybe my nose has grown to appreciate powerhouses more since my new found love for Azzaro pH? Anyways..I get some syntheticness to it, some sort of strong metallic note that makes it so harsh in the opening, but is really what makes it this "dark" citrus/floral. The violet is actually very nice combined with the citrus. Eventually that metallic note goes away completely.. I'd say about 45 mins after. (based on my one spray to the wrist) and GF becomes pleasant. I also detect some sort of ricey aroma, very vague.. but i do get it with some fragrances. I will give GF credit on sillage.. every time I stand up or move I can smell it rising up into the air. So I guess I can say it's not bad at all. Right now I changed my rating from 1 star to 2.. and that's a high 2 maybe even a low 3; it's just average to me. I'll have to wear it some more now that I can tolerate it, and I just hope these allergy problems aren't related to it, very little does a fragrance give me allergies. John Varvatos, although one of my favorites makes my eyes itchy when the scent is too close to my face, unfortunately because I really love that stuff.

    Blue Sugar is something else I got today, for those of you who tried a cheap sample vial of it and thought it was strong, wait until you try it from the bottle. Goodness, one of the strongest gourmands out there, this stuff makes Lolita Lempicka and B*Men look like panzies.

    Back to Paradox Green, it's been on my skin now for 10 minutes and man is it good. It starts off similar to Gucci PH II, only with better sillage and more green notes, as it dries I get like a pink pepper and lime. Extremely refreshing, not 100% unique but very very different than most out there. It's almost like a mix Gucci PH II, a very light Tommy Bahama or perhaps Parah, and Diesel Green Masculine minus the sweetness. I can't stop smelling my wrist, and for under 9 bucks from scented monkey, it's a steal! The only question I guess now is longevity, projection seems to be pretty nice thus far, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up yet. This is just my first impression of Paradox Green.

    I also got samples of Obsession Night, Euphoria, and Vera Wang in the mail today courtesy of the lovely people over at Coty. Obsession Night I've tried before in the stores and wasn't impressed. People compared it to Zirh Ikon, but I see no similarities whatsoever. Ikon is more like the original Obsession.. which Obsession Night is nothing like. In fact I would never have known it was a flanker if I was smelling it and not seeing the bottle. My impression stands with this one.. it smells like crayons to me, it's linear as well and the crayon smell just subsides with time. I scrubbed this off and replaced it with Euphoria. euphoria isn't too great either, but I'll have to spend some more time with it; I did one spray on the wrist from a sample vial and wasn't at all impressed. Nothing special, no stand out notes, in fact I'm definitely gonna need to look at the pyramid to see whats happening in this one. Euphoria Intense I tried at Kohl's and found that one to be pleasant, but I only sprayed it on paper. Then there was Vera Wang. Guys who like FdM by JPG would probably love this, it's more of a uni fragrance really. It's quite floral in the opening and then settles into a vanilla base. That's just what I get from my 1 spray from the sample vial on my wrist. My first impression.. "Vera Wang you only make women's frags.. this is no different" then the vanilla started to come out and change things a bit, I'll have to spend more time with this one as well.

    Back to Grey Flannel though as it's been on my wrist for about 2 hours.. it's actually starting to smell creamy. Ha weird.. maybe it's just me, it seems to get better and better though as time goes on. On the other arm I have the 2 sprays of Paradox Green which have been there for about 45 mins or so now. @ about the 30 minute mark I was smelling motor oil a little which reminded me of my wife Fahrenheit. Now I get that along mixed with mostly like a Gucci PH II, a little pepper, and some greens. Actually.. it smells like something from the Jardin line from Hermes. 1 word - WOW.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    I remember liking Grey Flannel back in the was a main stream designer scent that sold in department stores at the prevailing prices at the time.

    I see it now in drugstores for $14. It always makes me wonder if the versions that one would buy today are somehow a simpler, cheaper version of the original formula.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    Colognist, if you're really trying to like Grey Flannel, you ought to give it a whirl for an entire day. Put it on right after taking a shower and wear it for the day. I think you'll have a much different experience than by smelling it on the wrist in the middle of the day. I think you'll find it warmer and not quite as biting and harsh. It's still a strong frag - you can't avoid that - but it's not as likely to fry your nostrils if you give it a full wearing. I can't tell you how many fragrances I've done 180s on, in a positive way, after actually wearing them for a full day. Powerhouse scents tend to be like that.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    I have tried to like Grey Flannel - I respect it and nearly admire it, but ultimately find its brashness too harsh to actually enjoy to any great extent.

    I am however intrigued by Paradox Green. I'm a long-time admirer of Jacomo and have been thinking of acquiring this - Cologneist, please do let us know how you feel about this after a few days wearing.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Buddy97 View Post
    I am however intrigued by Paradox Green. I'm a long-time admirer of Jacomo and have been thinking of acquiring this - Cologneist, please do let us know how you feel about this after a few days wearing.
    Indeed I will, as well as post a more in depth review than those provided on its fragrance page. Thus far it's a fairly complex fragrance, but all appealing to me. I don't know which Jacomo's you own/owned or tried. In my arsenal I have Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge which I was very impressed with. That's a flanker to the original which I never tried and doesn't really interest me; I believe it's more of a powerhouse. While Rouge is a gourmand, and Paradox Green appears to be like a fresh/green fragrance. I can say that it does feel like a mix of other fragrances that I've tried or owned, but it does have it's own stamp on it. It just seems like one of those fragrances that's hard not to like.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    The more and more i wear fougeres and brash masculines the more i like them.
    If fragrance has a gender, so does all art.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    I can only comment about Grey Flannel, and yeah I agree, it's a sharp, simple, synthetic green fragrance with great sillage and longevity. Nothing fancy, fairly straight forward. But the best thing about it is that it's cheap and it does its job as a green fragrance that is very wearable for a guy, and unique in the world full for aquatics and sweet vanillas.

    But for green fragrances... OMG I just love Chanel 19 EdP.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    Grey Flannel = Meisterwerk, no less.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    I'm still a Green Jeans fan. Cuba Green isn't a bad "cheapo," if you like herbs and citronella with a mild woody/amber base. Bobby Jones cologne may be a more natural and complex type of Grey Flannel frag, but I haven't treid GF in such a long time I can't be sure.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    As much as I like Grey Flannel I find it totally unwearable in this day and age. It is just too 70's.

    The name itself is the antithesis of what this fragrance is about: loud, cheery and ostentatious. Like the orange plaid leisure suit you wear to the disco.

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    Default Re: Grey Flannel & more.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigsly View Post
    I'm still a Green Jeans fan.
    +1 Thats the scent that led me to basenotes.

    As to GF, I've had a strange trip with that one also. I originally rated it 1 star and now I have it as a 4. I was just very intrigued by it and kept sampling it, then one day I got it. I may even move it up to a 5 as I get to know it better. I absolutely agree with what Shamu said - when I tried it like that, thats when I really got it.

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