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    Question I Heard it on the Grape Vine.

    I was doing some research on the internet when I came across a site on which you choose your favorite fragrance and the site recomends three others based on your favorite fragrance. So, I could not resist typing in (yes, you guessed it) Mitsouko. It came up with Rochas Femme and Histoire d'Amour. Now I know I can't deal with one of the notes in Rochas Femme but, I have no experience with Histoire d'Amour. Please put on your analytical hat and bestow any information you might have regarding this fragrance. I await your replies.

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    Long time ago when I was doing them teasers, I had one about it. #73, if you use Advanced Search option.

    Kumquat is selling hers -- what? two years now? -- on the Sale and Swap Forum. Cheap, too!

    This same source where you saw the other two fragrances, actually gives three. Go back and check the third one -- it is well worth hunting down, too!

    While sniffing XerJoff line a few weeks ago, I mentioned this Aubusson as a better fragrance with the same feel as compared to Shingl.
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    Here is the link for everyone, if you are interested:

    It is Michael Edwards'.

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    I was smitten with Histoire d'Amour when I first discovered it about seven years ago, but haven't worn in much in the past couple of years. Its not fruity like Mitsouko, but is a lovely, well balanced Chypre IMO. It has some notes that are somewhat uncommon in Chypres: Osmanthus, Narcissus; but also has galbanum giving it a nice greeness. Its a steal at the price you can get it for now - get some!

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