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Thread: BOD body spray

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    does anybody use BOD for work or just going to the store? Some of their fragrances are decent, just dont last longer than 4 hours, comments?

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    I've tried most from their collection including their actual fragrance Bod Heat (in the pineapple bomb looking thing) it's actually quite a good gourmand with 6-10 hours longevity. It smells very much like Rochas but a little more like fresh baked bread as well.

    As for the sprays though, really ripped abs, fresh blue musk, fresh guy are all about the same. Black I found to be really good when it first came out, but eventually became cloying and nauseating, and same for their newer one $$$ in the lime green bottle; it actually smells a lot like Le Male, but the problem I notice with it is that the more you wear it, the less it smells like Le Male, and the more it smells cheap. 24k was the only one I didn't really care for.. it's like a body spray trying to take on an 80's theme, and failing miserably.

    While Bod frags are considered body sprays, I don't consider them to be.. rather just low end colognes. To me a body spray is something that comes out continuously until you let go of the trigger and usually doesn't last more than an hour. Stuff from Old Spice After Hours, Right Guard, Axe, Tag, Blade etc. some of them are fantastic, but they're no good unless you're just coming out of the shower or need something to hide your odor from whatever activities you were doing. Bod fragrances are quite acceptable to wear out, but none of them except for Bod Heat (which is an actual cologne or EDT) change while on your skin, they're as linear as can be. Most of them don't project very much or have sillage except for $$$ IMO. $$$ has lasted up to 8 hours on my skin before, and projects decently, problem is, olfactory fatigue. The first time you smell it, that smell never seems to come back. Because it's overly cloying.

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    Sorry I got sort of caught up there, I have worn $$$ to work and got one compliment.. but that was from my mom before I left the house. Now more so, I just use $$$ to spray on my bedding and pillows because its reminiscent of JPG LM, but not nearly as expensive. I don't find many of these appropriate to wear out when I have the arsenal that I have of fragrances, however I would like to get some of the fresher smelling ones, perhaps a mini pack for fragrances i can wear to the gym or when I go to play basketball. I'd say it's most important to wear what you like. I've smelled Bod fragrance on people out before, and thought nothing of it.. just another guy who cares about his appearance enough to wanna smell good. for some of us it works, for others it doesn't. Many on here will say that Bod frags are useless, I disagree, they all pretty much smell good.. but none of them are gonna have the affect of an EDT, perfume or even a cologne.

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    I always thought Bod smelled like bad bug spray, I used to wear axe but got tired of it, used obsession every now and then i got more of it now, wore designer imposters body spray but then used curve, cool water,and now i have expanded my wardrobe and knowledge of diff colognes way more so I feel well versed and seasoned on different frags and have moved on to bigger and better things.

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    BOD's advertising and marketing is simply juvenile, but like Axe, they have been developing better and more refined scents. However, I wouldn't go out of my way to wear it; for work, simply grab one of the perry ellis 360 series. They are very affordable, and are accurate renditions of other fragrances

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    ^^ Or better yet, simply walk into a TJ Maxx or Marshall's and you're bound to find at least one fragrance you'll like; many of which in the BOD spray range (big bottle is like 6-8 bucks) you can easily find something under 10 bucks that appeals to you. Often the boxes are open, so you can sniff away. Something for maybe a noob nose that wouldn't be bad would be Curve Soul which smells much like the original Curve but seemingly "thicker" in feeling; this can be acquired for under 13 bucks and that's for the big boy 6.8 oz

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    BOD BLACK is ok for small price..and the red one isnt bad. The body heat in gernade form is good as is really ripped abs on steroids.

    I was looking at warrior....lights out and dark ice...but havent tried them....

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    Default Re: BOD body spray

    I think they smell ok, just don't seem to last very long to me. Now Body Heat cologne in the little pineapple grenade looking thing is another story. It's pretty dang awsome.

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