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    Question m7 Discontinued???

    Hey, guys,

    I tried to post this two days ago, and it never appeared. Either it is there and I'm blind, or it was rejected, or...anyway, if this is an oversight, I apologize in to the site.

    Thanks to all your suggestions a couple of weeks ago, I ordered 11 decants from theperfumedcourt. My favorite of the lot was M7. Naturally, I started reading what this site has to say about thing I read was the thread about M7-new-bottle-means-reformulate-juice debate. I wanted some answers, to I called two representatives from ysl in the United States. They both said that M7 has been discontinued. I could not get a straight answer about whether it is discontinued PERIOD, or just not carred by ysl's US boutique. As you can see, M7 does not appear on ysl's US website:
    However, it is still on the ysl's international website:
    I went ahead and ordered a large bottle from, but was wondering if anyone knows whether it's discontinued, or just not available in ysl's beautyUS affiliates.

    I know that M7 is very popular on here, and wanted to give y'all a headsup. Thanks!

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    My local department store who stocks YSL informed me of the same thing a few days ago when I went looking for M7 - this is in Australia, so it's not limited to American stockists apparently.

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    It`s not discontinued. At least not in Europe..

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    Default Re: m7 Discontinued???

    Quote Originally Posted by Oslo-Fjord View Post
    It`s not discontinued. At least not in Europe..
    Are you completely positive about this? I heard it is discontinued in general, I hope you are right, though.

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    This continues to be a best-seller for YSL. No way is it discontinued. Sometimes a fragrance ceases to be distributed, or become temporarily unavailable, in certain areas, but this doesn't mean it's out of production.

    It's still listed as being part of the YSL line-up on their site.
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