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    Default Insensé... where is the drydown?

    Today I was searching for Égoďste in local stores, which is becoming almost non-existent in my area (and I found a bottle), and I detected a 30 ml bottle of the even more non-existent Insensé.

    So, since I was feeling particularment égoďste et insensé cette jour, I decided to purchase both, after having asked for a spray of their Insensé tester (yes, they also had a full tester) in my arm.

    What followed was a quite interesting top-to-middle notes evolution, quite manly and aromatic for a green floral, although a bit unidimensional.

    But this is the issue.

    I don't feel like it turned like something better or different after the first 4 or 5 hours. Perhaps I got some olfatory fatigue, because I got myself sniffing my arm frequently when no one was paying attention (I hope so). But that's possibly not the case, so I suspect the basenotes of this one are a bit on the super-light side.

    Any thoughts:

    P.S.: this is based only on the generous spray I got on the store. The bottle I bought remains sealed, and I'm not yet convinced I should open it, unless there are very convincing arguments.

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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    It does change, but it's subtle. It may take multiple wearings to understand and appreciate.

    It's a magnificent scent; Givenchy's best, I think.
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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    That's a really good observation. I too think the scent goes high-pitch light and very powerful in the period that's usually the drydown. In that way it's very linear, yes, and weird that it seems to go high range in the nose at the last half of the day rather than low range. But I love the smell on me! Meadows in the sun, florals that are surprisingly clear and masculine over the anchor of some pale woods I think, but really I don't know the elements. To me it's a rival to the masculine tradition of the citrus scent--placed alongside a citrus it is almost always the more interesting and entirely retains its fitting a man's allure.

    The high-pitch ending is weird though, you're sure right about that, but weird in the way that it functions unusually, not weird in a way that it's disagreeable. There are a few Molinards I've noticed a similar ramping up at the end, and also with Piquet's Bandit in edt. At one point I too cavalierly said something like "it's a very French thing," and that's just dumb pigeonhole making on my part. However, in truth, all the scents that have had this effect that I noticed were French. (Not all French scents do it, of course.) But since I love the place that high-pitch last half goes for me, I see only enjoyment in it.
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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    I dabbed a sample of Insensé from a sample vial last weekend, fully expecting to find love. And for the first two hours, I nearly did. But what followed was devoid of surprises or, really, evolution of any kind. The fragrance seemed to shrink over this time, sort of like a dinner date who kicks things off brilliantly but has less and less to say for herself as the night wears on.

    The masculine floral genre is too underpopulated for me to just give up on Insensé, so I am going to give this a full wear sometime in the next few weeks. Hopefully that will fill in the blanks and all will become clear.

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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    DustB, the "high-pitch" analogy is a great one. Yes, the lower harmonies were the missed element in my wearing. I suspect this could be a great summer scent, if one accepts the "fresh = summer" association and searches for it.

    Givenchy's best? Well, I believe Gentleman is much more of my taste, but perhaps I became too demanding and should be open to a totally different kind of fragrance.

    I bought it exactly in the search for a decent men's green floral, and because it was a bargain (the SA lady seemed very happy to get rid of it). Based only of reviews, I would prefer to purchase Tenére first, because that one seems to have a more traditional drydown. But that one is surely an extinct specimen.

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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    Insense was a little tricky for me at first. Finally, I decided I would just wear it for a week straight, and that was when I "got it". I do understand the original posters concern regarding the base. Most scents use stronger, longer lasting base notes such as vanilla, amber, patchouli, etc in order to give the scent more of a presence and also to last longer. As far as I know, the only listed base note in Insense is Firbalsam. I guess the perfumer wanted to keep with the lighter, green floral theme... Regardless, I love the scent, and it sits alongside my Richard James as my favorite masculine florals...

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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    Insense could be a tricky frag to assess based on a sample spray, once. The initial notes/accords are quite a show, and a deeper fanfare afterwards may be a bit much to expect, especially when olfactory fatigue would have set in, with such an intense frag. Yes, Insense is relatively linear, but it does develop. The best way to sample Insense is to give it a full wearing.

    I am willing to bet that whatever attracted the OP to Insense will only intensify with wearings and time.
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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    Yes, I know that my perception of it could improve a lot... but there is so little time for so many beauties, so I'm currently favouring in-depth apprecciation of my oldtime favourites, instead of searching for novelties (unless the "wow factor" is really high, which I'm not so sure regarding Insensé).

    For now I'll keep it sealed in the "perhaps" section of my wardrobe.

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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    I agree with you as well. Luca Turin touted it and when I came across a bottle I smelled it on the strip and liked it so I ponied up. Alas it stays, on me, in the initial blast stage, rather more linear than I would like. As a result I don't wear it very often. I don't regret it and it is a unique scent, but just not as amazing as it initially seemed.

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    Default Re: Insensé... where is the drydown?

    I feel Insense like a scent with very good accented sillage - fir balsam is only LISTED note.
    But smell it yourself, and you find cedre, musk, olibanum, sandalwood also.

    And it shows a big progression from flowery-berry start notes (of bergamot, flowers like magnolia, and cassis) to woody-sappy notes of heart and woody-musky notes of sillage. I would not call it LINEAR. noway.
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