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    I have long believed that the cure for cancer lies somewhere in nature -- a root, a bark, the toenails of a Madagascar insect, or some such. I also believe the best smells are in nature -- grilled meats, roasting peanuts, cake baking in the oven, etc. It is about time that more people get involved in aromatherapy, IMO, and the more natural the scent/scent ingredients, the better! Congrats, Ayala for bringing nature into your products!

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    Awesome:P I want to win.

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    Wonderful article - I'm anxious to try this line! I hope the trend toward natural fragrances continues; there is something so primal about our reaction to pure scents from nature. Thank you, Ayala, for your dedicated passion!

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    Love the concept. Dying to try them. Hope this gives me the chance

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    Only good words. Now I want to try Ayala's perfumes.:vrolijk_26:

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    Basenotes Plus

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    Nice article! I'm curious to try them too :)

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    These sound really interesting. I've always been interested in trying natural fragrances, but was worried that the individual raw ingredients would combine into fragrances that would be way too overpowering. Your review of Ayala's seem to suggest otherwise. I'm especially interested in Espionage. I hope I win the giveaway!

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    Loved the article, very curious on trying Ayala's fragrances. I hope I'll be the lucky one to win the fragrance set:thumbsup:

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    Nice article indeed! Oh I wish...

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    Another great article by Walker! Although I haven't tried any of her fragrances, I wonder how nice they must be!

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    I've had little experience with natural perfumes, so this set would come in handy... It'd be interesting to explore this new world.

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    The fragrances sound lovely. How strange that we've gotten to the point where the idea of smelling what we smell, made from the real thing, would seem novel - I love that idea!

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    I'd love to sample these alongside the article! Thanks for introducing me to Ayala's line and blog.

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    Cool article. Would love to sample these scents.

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    Ayala I love your fragrances, I even brought a sample of Song of Solomon to my Pentateuch class. I really love it and i'm now happily saving up for a full bottle:thumbsup:
    I really must go to Vancouver again I went as a child and it was BeautIFUL

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    There is no reason why natural perfumes shouldn't be just as good or better than synthetic ones. If you get someone who is a good enough nose the scents could be masterpieces.

    I have dabbled in natural perfumery myself, and would love to try some of Ayala's scents.

    Interesting article, I wonder how my picky nose will perceive these fragrances.

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    Natural perfumery is always a hit or miss with me. Reading this article on Ayala's natural perfumes, I am sure they are a hit, I would love to sample them.

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    Default Re: High Fibre Fragrances (or How I Discovered Natural Perfume)

    I liked the article very much; I found the descriptions hugely helpful since for me and many others, natural perfumery is merely a great idea but harder to find done well. In my quest to move away from the larger commercial perfumes I have been wearing Penhaligons but this is just the start.

    Over the years I have become more aware of the ingredients we put on our bodies and how many of them are questionable (that's saying it mildly) for having read that perfume houses can hide up to 28 ingredients under the name 'fragrance' which is just another word for concealment. Many of these ingredients are either totally unethical or just plain nasty. I've been curious about this ever since I started to develop allergies to fragrances I have previously worn for years and having gone back to them, have spent 2 days sneezing and with headache. One criminal for this is Coco Chanel, also top of the list for most undeclared and questionable ingredients.

    My other reason is the growing sense that commercial fragrances in their quest for mass production are producing fragrances with a certain lack of realism. One reviewer picked up on a rose scent as coming over as plastic like; when would rose ever smell like this? So the only answer seems to be the sensitive development of natural fragrances which respect the rareness of some ingredients, instead seeking different elements to use.

    Lastly my quest for a pure spice perfume goes on and I believe will only be found in natural perfume. Spices provide such wondrous, quality and lasting notes, when I crush and cook with them, I wonder why it's never been done well before. Maybe it has, I shall make a note to find Epice Sauvage. Somewhere, someday I will find perfumes which reminds me of the spice markets in Delhi and the tea stalls in Luxor.

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    Thanks for this excellent read; I haven't been fortunate enough to sample any of Ayala Moriel's fragrances, unfortunately, and this article makese the yearning worse by listing fragrances based on some of my favourite smells: Vetyver and Lavender. Argh... This is saying how much I'd love winning the set... fingers crossed!

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    I enjoyed reading about Ayala's perfumes and I would love to try it.

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    This is a great article. Thanks for enlightening me!
    Currently wearing: Augusto by Mazzolari

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    Um, I like whole-wheat pasta. So much better than the white-flour, Wonder-bread-like mushy stuff. I'm not a long-haired hippie either. And I certainly don't carry any prejudices against so-called "natural" perfumes just because they carry that moniker.

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    I'd love to try something from her line!

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    Thank you for this unique opportunity! I hope I'll be winner! I lust for this sample set of Ayala!

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    I love the real smell captured in a bottle and whoever does that is a real magician!!Well done! :thumbsup:

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    Wonderful article. I hope to sample Ayala's work someday!

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    I've never sampled anything from this house. Would like to win the drawing so I can rectify that.

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    I haven't had the pleasure of sampling her fragrances but, I definitely would like to do that in the future.

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    I can't wait to try some of Ayala's perfumes and have read about them in the past (maybe from Etsy)? It's inspiring to see successful perfumers who keep natural!

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    Great read, thanks for the article.

    Definitely need to try out the vetiver from the sounds of it.

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