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    Default Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    I just bought givenchy pour homme this last week, and overall i believe it's great smell, safe and versatile. Just a question to all readers, is there anything than can be compared to this fragrance but more masculine, not saying that givenchy isn't masculine but just wanted to know anything out there with more deepness. Thanks

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    Default Re: Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    Rochas Man.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    If you're talking about the old stuff in the dark red / clear bottle, then something that is similar, but maybe a bit less woody and with more of a tobacco note, is Banana Republic Black Walnut. Otherwise, they have a very similar vibe.
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    Default Re: Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    I actually find it pretty unique.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    An underrated gem
    We want a 'Niche' forum.

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    Default Re: Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    This is a often forgotten fragrances. I actually like the smell, but have help back because I wasn't satisfied with radiance and longevity.

    As far as similar fragrances, perhaps someting with cedar in the dry down ? It could be alot of fragrances, but I find Givenchy pour Homme to have a cedar accord in the dry down. I can't say I have smelled something all that similar, but perhaps try out Tumulte ( if you can find it), Gucci pour Homme ( 2003 release), Rochas Lui ( again, if you can find it), Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Azzaro Visit ( this has alot of sweet nutmeg at the start) and Lauder Brasil Dream for Men.
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    Default Re: Fragrance Purchase Givenchy Pour Homme

    Along the same lines, but a tad more masculine: Boss Bottled

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