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    Default Germany Cosmetics Brands?

    Hi all! My dad is going Germany next week...I want him to buy some good cosmetics for me from there!

    Please tell me what are some good germany brands? Thanks

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    Default Re: Germany Cosmetics Brands?

    Dr. Hauschka, if you're into naturals. All the great French brands will be more expensive here than in the US and I don't think Germany has top-notch brands except in the natural/organic field.
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    Default Re: Germany Cosmetics Brands?

    thanks peep! thanks for the info

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    Default Re: Germany Cosmetics Brands?

    I also enjoy Logona products, and I stock up when I travel to Germany. It's a good-quality all natural brand that is really cheap.

    Dr Hauschka can be bought almost anywhere in the US; Whole Foods stocks the whole line, as do some other chains, but I agree it's good stuff.

    Also a fan of Annmarie Borlind. It's pricey, but really top notch.
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    Default Re: Germany Cosmetics Brands?

    Tell your Dad to look out for a drug-store called "DM". They have very good and affordable eco-brands... - first of all, ALVERDE, a spin-off of Logona, but much cheaper... and Weleda, of course. Perfumewise, there's nothing here you couldn't find at home ... I won't bore you with 4711 etc. -
    but maybe your Dad would like to try some Tabac Original, produced by Mäurer and Wirtz. Also to be found in any drug-store.

    Should your Dad be in Frankfurt am Main, tell him to try some of Parfümerie Albrecht's original Frankfurt perfumes, called Les Roses de Francfort.
    I recently bought a lovely 100 ml Eau de Parfum there ... and it's nearly as good as Nahéma, only much cheaper.
    Parfümerie Albreacht can be found in the newly built "MyZeil Gallery".

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