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    I think i finally found a great suede fragrance that's considerably mainstream. I don't have access to all of these fancy fragrances that are less heard of in America, and I can't afford to blind buy everything just because it has good reviews. So i took it upon my self to search for a perfect suede fragrance. I have my perfect leathers, my perfect fruity frags, my perfect vetivers, my perfect woods frags, my perfect gourmand and green frags, and basically every other category I have found something that is a 5 star fragrance, and if it's 4 stars.. it's because it is either lacking in longevity or projection. Back on topic though.. I was at Ross which is a place I never purchase fragrances, but it looked like they got some new stuff in.. and their prices are even lower than TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I got a 1.7 oz Guess Suede for 12.00.

    When it opens up it's a bit fruity and reminds me of Daddy Yankee's opening quite a bit, then it dries into the ideal sued IMO. Like a new suede jacket, the type of suede that if anybody went up and smelled your arm they'd say "nice suede" and that's basically what I wanted. Though it is hard to wear a suede fragrance everyday, especially in Florida.. and I just don't have that liking for it as much as I do say leather or certain spices.

    For those of you looking for a suede fragrance that is the ideal definition of a suede fragrance, than look no further.

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    Glad you like it! Unfortunately Guess Suede smells like a sickly sweet kid's apple scented hairspray on me!

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    I gave it a spray for the first time yesterday....It was girlfriends sister's new boyfriend wears it religiously...NOT MY THING

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    Suede is actually a difficult note to like, many don't hate it.. but they just don't consider it a favorite. I'm not saying Guess Suede is the best fragrance on the planet. It's really just a 3 star fragrance, but in the category of suede frags.. it's a 4. It's a 5 on fulfilling the suede note, but it fails in longevity and doesn't project much. It is difficult to wear often -- but I think as far has suede fragrances go, it's at the top of the list.

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    I love Suede and Leather...I love my Daim Blond and Chanel Cuir de Russie. I just didnt smell it in the Guess...I only tried it once. I will retest and get back to you. White Suede from Tom Ford smells exactly like Suede...

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    The suede in guess definitely comes out more in the middle and then ultimately in the base. Although the fruity top does let you know that this is a suede fragrance. TF is pretty good at achieving what's on the names of the bottle i.e. Tobacco Vanille & Azuree Lime; so I wouldn't doubt they get it on the White Suede.

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