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    Question The old wardrobe shuffle

    Hey, Guys,

    I think it is so amazing that there is a wardrobe feature on this site. However, I'm having some trouble. As I purchase new fragrances, it would be ideal to delete them from the "tried" list, and place them in "my collection," for example. However, every time I go to the main page for a particular cologne, and click the little red dot to the right of, say, "tried," it never gets deleted. Of course, I don't think it is a problem ADDING any frag to any category; but I just don't see the sense in having any one frag in more than one category at one time. Does anyone have any guidance on this? Thanks.

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    Default Re: The old wardrobe shuffle

    Hmmm. I regret I don't know the answer to this.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: The old wardrobe shuffle

    If you go into your wardrobe and click the frag that you have tried but now own, next to where it says "tried" the word "edit" should also be there. Click edit and then you should have the option to then click that you now own that fragrance. If this was your problem I hope this helps.

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    Default Re: The old wardrobe shuffle

    Everything in your "My Collection" is also in your "Tried". At least it's always been that way for me.

    Technically, you have tried everything that's now in your collection, but I agree I don't like it to be taken so literally.

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    Default Re: The old wardrobe shuffle

    Thanks. You can always ADD anything. My problem is deleting, and I think I understand what is happening. The only thing I can't delete is to delete something from the "tried" category. I get the logic that once you've tried something you can't "untry" it, but necessitating that this category must keep everything that's ever been in there (including ones that we might put there by mistake) renders that category useless. Maybe the categories could be:
    "my collection": in your current collection
    "owned": was in collection but not anymore
    "tried BUT DON'T PLAN TO ACQURIE": just what it says
    "test list": things you've read about and are interested in, and for which you want to get your hands on a sample
    "wish list": things you've tried, and, when the time is right, plan to acquire

    That way, no frag is in more than one category at once.

    I'm in no way slamming this wardrobe feature...I LOVE IT...just trying to make it work for my specific needs.

    And if I'm wrong about any of this, which I may be, please chalk it up to being a newbie.

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    Default Re: The old wardrobe shuffle

    Even if you never clicked "Tried," but start off with "I own this," it adds "Tried" to the checked-off options. I think there's some programming in that feature that makes it so you can't own anything without having tried it first. I suppose nobody on this site ever bought anything blind?

    I've bought things without having tried them, and had it list "Tried" before I even peeled the cellophane
    off the box!

    I know Grant is very busy, but people have complained about this before, and it really ought to be fixed sometime.
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: The old wardrobe shuffle

    this has been an annoying glitch for me from day 1. I just assumed I hadn't figured out the secret yet.
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