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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Joining RHM in sending out (((hugs))) today. So many luscious scents, many of them florals, being worn -- you folks are a veritable walking garden of delights. Haunani, I love that bottle! It looks like Jeannie's bottle!

    I haven't chosen a scent for today; will repost if I do. Take care, all.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Marilyn Miglin Goddess, a lovely blend of rose, osmanthus and fruits.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Gosh, what terrible weather. Cold rain is ever so much more diappointing in the spring, after one has actually been warm. I continue to need a musk-cuddle, today from Auric Blends' Vanilla Musk.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    It's an overcast morning on the Oregon coast, so I needed a pick me up. Couldn't even decide on a scent, so turned to this thread and thought of becoming a scent twin with someone. Ooolala30, today I was a step away from becoming a scent twin with you since I considered trying on my sample of Le Baiser Du Dragon, but no... I have a sample of Narcisso Rodriguez Essence, it's been sitting in my drawer forever, so for a minute I considered that one... but RHM set my mind to the right idea! I was just recently at DSH studio, and I smelled Cafe Noir there, and something in it didn't appeal to me, and the very friendly person there suggested me to try Lumiere, another fragrance with coffee and spices. Oh dear!! This is the pick me up I needed. It's delicious. Now, back to work!! I feel the rush of energy all of a sudden!

    Ah yes, almost forgot -- I am testing a Notre Flore Neroli on my other arm. Variety is the spice of life.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    On this very hot day, some refreshing Ma Griffe.

    My SOTE last night was Mitsouko. I find it so comforting to "retreat" to it after confusing my nose by sampling this and that.

    Hope you feeling very much better, very soon, mysticknot!
    (& thank you WhiteLace! I'm having fun shooting my bottles -- with my iphone! but then lots of tweaking in photoshop.)

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Everyone smells so wonderful today.

    Mysticknot, I hope you'll be back in the pink soon and headache free.

    Wearing No 5 Eau Premiere today.

    Happy Wednesday, all!

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Mysticknot - Hope you are feeling better. I would blame the Natori, as well.

    Today is my little girl's 6th birthday! Left work early yesterday, because she wanted to get things ready for tomorrow. We baked a big bunch of brownies (from scratch!) and also made little goodie bags for the entire class. She's very excited. Tonight, we will have a little dinner (her request: spaghetti) and then cake and a few presents.

    In honor of my little girl and her big day, I'm wearing one of her favorites (on me) as my...

    SOTD: Juicy Couture

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Declaration Cartier Pour Homme

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    I'm sampling some YSL Opium Poésie de Chine this afternoon, which a kind fraggie friend sent. I'm in love with it. It is luscious. I just finished making a huge batch of chili for my husband's office potluck party tomorrow. I don't know what we'll be having this evening...maybe some quesadillas from leftovers. I don't want to spoil him too much!

    Mysticknot, hope that mean beastie migraine is gone. Poor baby!

    Happy Birthday to RainDropSparkle’s little girl!

    Have a nice evening, all!

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Caron Pour Un Homme

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Started off the cloudy overcast morning in a perfume schizophrenic mood... so side by side (as opposed to one after the other like yesterday) comparisons of Dzing! and Chanel Cuir de Russie. I LOVE them both, but they are very different versions of leather.

    This got me craving some tobacco and so I snuck a tiny dab of SSS Tabac Aurea on the back of one hand, which seems, to my newbie nose, to have a touch of leather as well. Tabac Aurea has really grown on me, might need a bottle.

    Finally showered and the sun has come out, yippee!

    I tried a sample of Chanel 28 La Pausa. Such a beautiful-earthy-sheer-ethereal IRIS..... which had absolutely NO lasting power on my skin. There is one of the Les Exclusifs that I don't have to lust over.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    My kind friends ! Thanks for the well wishes The migraine has gone now thank goodness .

    So... scent of the afternoon has to be Carnal Flower. I am sorry to be boring sometimes with my scents but I am truly addicted to this now. It's the scent of the inside of a florist's. Now at one time I would have turned my nose up to that smell because of negative associations but I have gotten over that now.

    ***Marit - welcome to Basenotes- please check your PMs and my many apologies too.
    Petty small minded people have no place in my life.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Wow, what a gorgeous Ma Griffe bottle, C Rose! And Mr. G's vintage Samsara one!

    That's it. I'll have to hop over to the thread on perfume bottles.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    I'm wearing Chergui today.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    SoTD was Amazone, a somewhat season-neutral scent on me, for an "unsettled" weather day. This evening I'm wearing Anthracite, which is proving too much a cold-weather scent, and as much as I love it, am thinking of replacing it with something more suitable and comforting for warm, damp weather.

    Hugs all round, and gee whitelace, is THAT what they call it now, "displaced?" Not a very good euphemism, is it.

    GLAD the migraine is done, mysticknot! Migraines suck, so very much.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyndy Hop View Post
    I'm just going to bed now; rather late I might add (it's 2:00 a.m. here), but have every intention of wearing...
    Ivoire de Balmain
    Have a splendidly fragrant day, everyone!
    Scent twins with Lyndy Hop! I just scored a vintage Ivoire and it is truly amazing! (New version smells similar but with less depth. I like both.)

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Quote Originally Posted by whitelace View Post
    ...and I like the Gres Cabaret bottle too, Haunani!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Leesee View Post
    ... Haunani, I love that bottle! It looks like Jeannie's bottle!...
    I love it, too. It's garish in a good way! And I adore what is inside. It's a Goldilocks-just-right fragrance, in my book.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Worked in Tilleul by D'Orsay, had a dull headache too, cold and drizzly here.

    E., I wore it for our Chypre day, congratulations on your both finds (Rose Carden and Mystere). Any more fragrances to speak about?

    MK, Asha -- you guys feel better. People with sore feet and vertigos -- please also.

    PG Bois de Copaiba for me tonight.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    SotE is Penhaligon's Amaranthine. I've ignored this one of late, but it is a lovely, weird floriental. The dirtiness is not too dominent on me I think, just a tad of cumin to make this a not-too-pretty fragrance. I'll need to pull this one out more.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    started this morning with a tiny spritz of vintage Ma Griffe Something in it re-activated my sinus headache, but i was definately in the mood for something green, so I scrubbed and applied Marc Jacobs Ivy without incident.

    Weird how we are all getting headaches at the same time
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Vintage Havana tonight.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Went shopping today, but bought no fragrances. I did retry J'Adore, which I liked and Jasmine White Moss which I will live without. It smelled nice, but faded quickly. The J'Adore is still sticking around.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 12 May

    My Sote is a sample from Bond No.9.....Central Park.....And I really like this alot!!!

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