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    Default L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!


    I smelled the most wonderful scent on a guy today and I had to ask he what it was. He replied "L'Occitane, but I do not know which one".

    Since L'Occitane is not availble in my country I cannot sample it and I would really like to order it online but......which one is it?

    It smelled like a mix of D&G The One and Kenzo Power......and then it had a warm and sweet twist that made it so special and nice..........a little bit like the taste of raisin/prune....perhaps...

    Any suggestions?


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    Default Re: L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!

    Does it smell like sweet incense and cypress? It's probably Eau des Baux.

    There is also a scent called Cade with juniper. There is also the AOC Lavender.

    The Vetiver smells like vetiver.
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    Default Re: L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!

    The original "L'Occitan" might be the one. Eau de Baux, while good, is more of a woody spicy scent. L'Occitan features some nearly edible spices and a softer sweet finish, which sounds closer to what you're describing.
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    Default Re: L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!

    Sounds like Eau de baux

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    Default Re: L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!

    It does sound like Eau des Baux... maybe. Baux has a strong (for me) note of vanilla.
    I didn't know about a original or discontinued L'Occitan, but the current scent called L'Occitan is very good. It is a complex, smoky-woody-spice lavender scent. Check out the BN reviews & see what you think. confusingly, the picture for L'Occitan in the BN directory is that of Eau des Baux...
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    Default Re: L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!

    All of the L'occitane are good, but none are outstanding IMO. Also, most I have tried are somewhat short on longevity. I own a few of these, including Vetyver (my personal favorite). Eau de Baux may be the one you have been smelling; its not my favorite, though I do own a bottle.
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    Default Re: L'Occitane - which one? Help needed!

    You should have noted lavender if it was L’Occitane’s L’Occitane – it’s hard to miss. Eau de Baux has a sweet slightly vanillaic base. So i would vote for Eau de Baux, too. If it’s not the scent you’re looking for, it’s still very nice and you should like it since you seem to like sweet and warm fragrances.

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