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    Default Library of fragrances pictures

    Does anyone know where can I find a library of pictures of perfumes!
    I mean all the pefumes or as many as possible from the most notorious fragrance houses.
    I own a perfume blog in Romania and I would like to have a gallery to show all the fragragrances.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Library of fragrances pictures

    Check out Fragrantica. They are quite visually oriented. It is a good place to start.

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    Default Re: Library of fragrances pictures

    yup. good place to start stealin' pics.
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    Default Re: Library of fragrances pictures

    Thank you, guys.
    I know fragrantica, indeed they have pictures for thousands of perfumes.
    But I was wondering if there was a place where you can simply download a collection of all the pictures at once.
    I might soon open a perfume online shop and I will need to somehow easily upload hundreds of pictures to my site.

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    Default Re: Library of fragrances pictures

    If you are going to be a legitimate merchant, each supplier's press and marketing departments will supply you with all the images you need.

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