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    Default Demon in the Dark

    I'm just fascinated by this soap. It's my favorite from Lush. A juicy apple combined with an ice-herbal mint and with enouth clove to my taste. I've tried to find a scent that was similar to the smell of this soap, but never found any
    Does anybody knows a fragrance that has a similar smell to Demon in the Dark soap?

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    Default Re: Demon in the Dark

    Maybe Balenciaga PH? Maybe? Sort of an apple cider Kouros.
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    Default Re: Demon in the Dark

    I love Demon in the Dark soap, like you it's my favourite from Lush. Geranium Pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle would be your best bet. It's a fresher take on a classic fougere with icy mint, herbs and geranium. You can get samples at Les Senteurs.
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