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    I am going to be married in next month. I want to know that what type of fragrance i should use in my room after marriage so that we can enjoy those moments as i am thinking about. Can any one please suggest me any good fragrance's name or something like that?

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    Ye, good question. Can someone tell?

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    Sounds like you need a very special fragrance for a very special occasion. Take a look at They can develop a custom scent based on your fragrance desires and provide room scents and/or custom perfume and cologne . They create the fragrance for you and you can purchase refills as long as you need them- your custom scent.
    They can scent a room or an entire wedding.
    Congratulations !

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    I didn't find that fragrance what i was thinking about. well, is there anyone else who can help me?

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    There are many wonderful scents for you to consider. This web site has several, and you can read reviews from some of the other customers there too:

    Try to find out what kind of scents your bride really loves, and let us know so we can give more specific suggestions. If she has a favorite flower, it would be lovely if you could scent the room with fresh blossoms or maybe sprinkle rose petals around.
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    Great link! Thanks!

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    Hi, L'OCCITANE has some great room scents. My fav at the moment is "brume d' oreiller pillow mist" notes include, lavender, tea tree, and geranium, and lime blossom. calming frag to soothe senses for a relaxing and peaceful sleep. love the scent, not overly lavender scent which i like. ENJOY and CONGRATS.

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