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    Default animal friendly perfumes

    i am looking for some animal friendly perfumes. can anyone help me in this regard?

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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    Do you mean perfumes made without animal cruelty, or perfumes that animals will like (or at least not find objectionable)?

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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    For cruelty-free, my first bet is L'Occitane de Provence. Also, the Jack Black line for men.

    (Bath and Body Works test on animals. You can also go to the PETA Website and the Human Society for lists of companies who test and those who don't.)
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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    I recommend perfumes from Federico Mahora. They have a selection of over 150 fragrances. FM products are produced by Drom Fragrances who do not test on animals, are 100% organic and completely non-toxic.
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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    Try some pitulli. You can score some at one of those "occupy" events.

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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    My dog likes this line . . .

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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    Quote Originally Posted by AllanC View Post
    My dog likes this line . . .

    that's pretty pawsome! (sigh) I wonder how my dog would react to fragrance on him though...

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    Default Re: animal friendly perfumes

    Definitely not Kouros. I just sprayed some in my dog's eyes to test for you and it did not go well.

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