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    Default The Smell of New Orleans

    An interesting article on the actual/perceived odor in New Orleans, relative to the oil catastrophe in the gulf. See:
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    Default Re: The Smell of New Orleans

    I was there last summer for a couple days, and surprisingly, mostly of the city doesn't have a particularly strong smell despite it being far from the cleanest city and still having a lot of wreckage left over from Katrina. It just had the usual southern city smell of hot, dusty streets, lush vegetation, and car exhaust. Of course, the swamps surrounding New Orleans have their own smell too. Surprisingly, unless you're near stagnant water or some refinery, it's quite nice - a kind of moist, damp, vetegal smell. Smelled similar in the Everglades. I'd like it bottled.

    I agree with the man more worried about the environmental impact than the smell. A bad smell is the least of their worries just now...

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    Default Re: The Smell of New Orleans

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to Basenotes, though I have been reading the posts on it for awhile now. This is my first time posting!

    I haven't been to New Orleans since the oil spill, but I did visit the French Quarter this past December and the place has a very distinctive smell. It reeks of booze, garbage, and worse... I hope they don't have to smell oil on top of all that!
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