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    Default Help with a gift?

    So, earlier I asked for help choosing a summer fragrance and got a lot of very helpful replies, so I thought I'd ask about this as well.

    A friend of mine (male) has a birthday coming up and I'd like to get them a cologne. Originally I was thinking of Pour Lui by Oscar De La Renta, but I own and wear it and well... To be honest I don't want to wind up wearing the same fragrance.

    My friend is pretty big in to the 80s, so anything by a designer famous in the 80s is a good idea. Also, although he'd definately want to wear something he thought of as manly, I can see where he'd actually be more drawn to a more ''feminine'' sort of smell.

    So, this one might actually be a toughie. Does anyone have any suggestions for a more feminine fragrance, with a strongly male name or bottle design made by an 80s centric designer? Preferably something still in production.


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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    obsession by calvin klein

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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    Eternity For Men - it's light enough
    Escape For Men - ditto
    Joop! Homme - it's certainly sweet and from the era. At least it says "homme" on the bottle.

    Could look at Mackie For Men or Krizia Uomo - still fairly available and may be a bit more unique than the others (early 90s frags)
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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    Cool Water

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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    I'd say Dior's Fahrenheit. Complex, floral with honeysuckle, masculine with that burning tires/gasoline whatsit, and tenacious too. If you can find Fahrenheit Absolute that'll be a more recent release of the same spirit, but you can't go wrong with the big bold end of the '80s thing found in the glorious Fahrenheit. (My mom bought it for my dad even.)

    You could also check out Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene. Floral with sharp violet but powerful and lasting with enough to make bold eighties man all right.
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    Hmm.. 80's and more feminine smelling or possibly uni. Well you'd probably have to look more towards the late 80's -- stuff like CK Eternity and Cool Water which were both mentioned. They are marketed for men, but I know a ton of chicks who wear both of those. The original Claiborne for men may be a good option too, but personally I can't stand the stuff; though lots of people really like it.
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    Possibly Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme?

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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    Rochas Moustache may work
    I think Dior Dune Pour Homme will definitely work, but it may not be that strongly male or 80s styled.

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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    VC&A Pour Homme or Antaeus

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    Default Re: Help with a gift?

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBond007 View Post
    obsession by calvin klein
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