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    Default Re: Reference Tuberose?

    I haven't tried it, but Shalini (which retails for a 2oz), is supposedly a fresh tuberose fragrance. I wonder if it's a true interpretation of tuberose flowers.

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    Default Re: Reference Tuberose?

    Bump to a great thread.
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    Default Re: Reference Tuberose?

    Good job hedonist. I'll add

    Bruno Campora Blu to the list. Very lovely rich yet crisp/light tuberose.

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    Default Re: Reference Tuberose?

    This is difficult to explain. I am a huge tuberose fan, but I really do lot like Fracas at all. I have tried all variations including extrait, edp ~ both older and newer formulations. So I personally would not suggest it as a reference tuberose.
    I would suggest Annick Goutal ~ Tubereuse and Blonde ~ Versace
    Although Blonde has been discontinued it can still be found easily and at a very reasonable price. It's a beautiful fragrance based around tuberose, (specially created for the designer's sister who loved the smell of the flower).
    An added bonus with Blonde is the stunning flacon !
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    Default Re: Reference Tuberose?

    You also want to try Mona di Orio's Les Nombres d'Or Tubereuse. It's almost an anti-tuberose fragrance, in that it's got a very, very green opening with a lot of vetiver, and then tuberose never quite overwhelms you the way Fracas does. I know a lot of men like Carnal Flower for it's lack of smothering floweriness, but I personally rate Mona's tuberose higher than Carnal Flower. It's also about half the price of Carnal Flower.

    Serge Lutens's Tubereuse Criminelle is another avant grade take on tuberose. It starts off smelling almost awful, but in the course of five minutes develops into an absolutely beautiful swan of a fragrance. I own L'Artisan Nuit de Tubereuse in FB as well, but it's incredibly, incredibly spicy. Achingly beautiful on a cold day.

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    I have to admit it was weird reading one of my posts from 2 years back.

    I do recall taking DF's recommendation to "calibrate" my nose with actual tuberose flower from a local florist. Good advice, not only for tuberose but for any flower that figures prominently in fragrance. Here in K.C., tuberose is only available from late August to September, but it's definitely worth searching out.
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