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    Question Most formal non-Citrus fragrances in the Floris Range?

    Citrus fragrances don't last at all on my skin, please only recommend Floris fragrances, I have a friend who called me earlier today and is able to provide me free Floris bottles. I allready own Special 127 and No. 89 which I bought (before knowing that he can help with that! ) and cost me a little fortune! The occasions are: a white tie reception for an Earl's 80th birthday and then a Black tie event at a Club with Royal Army officers.

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    Default Re: Most formal non-Citrus fragrances in the Floris Range?

    Hard to say -- "formal" usually equates with the classic citrus/herb style of something like 89 or 127.
    After that, "formal" is a purely subjective term... whatever makes you feel comfortable and elegant. That does sound like a special event! If you can get to a Floris store, you may find a bottle of their discontinued Vetiver, a warm, woody scent. I truly appreciate Elite, which is a great lean-green scent. I didn't care for JF due to its ozonic note, but you might find things to appreciate in its green and woody notes. Santal -- too vanilla for me. Once you rule out the citrus notes, you've eliminated several of the Floris products (Cefiro, for example). You might try Rose Geranium, a classic British geranium-rose sort of scent with a bit of wood.
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    Default Re: Most formal non-Citrus fragrances in the Floris Range?

    If you are looking for something formal and classy but not Floris, I would recomend that you try Mitsouko by Guerlain. It was a favorite of Charlie Chaplin, Ingrid Bergman as well as my all time favorite.
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