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Thread: Summer Layering

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    Smile Summer Layering


    I discover a new layering combo with 2 summer fragrances that im gonna share with you and I would like to know if you have some layering combo for the summer too.

    Mine is Using Fresh Sugar Lychee with Paris Hilton for Men as a compliment of the first one.

    Im using The Paris Hilton one mainly for the melon note in it, Layering it with Sugar Lychee remove a big part of the synthetic smell of the first one. The 2 combine make a well rounded scent, sparkling fresh and mouthwatering juicy.

    The Melon note and the grapefruit note are the ones you notice the most, they are hand in hand at the front, just beside them there's some citrus notes (lime and lemon) In the background some sugar and musk. This is what you can easily distinguish once you let them mix and warm up on your skin.

    I put twice as much Sugar Lychee compare to Paris Hilton for men to avoid the synthetic-ness. Its totally unisex, you don't need a lot and its incredibly long lasting.

    If you have a chance try it. Hope you like it.

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    I like to layer TF Grey Vetiver over Strange Invisible Perfumes Lavender Vetiver Body Lotion when it's hot outside.
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    Eau Sauvage over Polo. Emphasize the mossiness! Ratio 3:1
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