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    Question I need your help with...

    Hello, I need your help with what to do about freckle color blotches that are on the tops of my hands and arms. They are not overly distinct but, if there is a topical cosmetic solution I would appreciated your input. As I have gotten older my epidermis is thin due to age and burns easily as I am of northern Euopean extraction and quite fair. I am using a spf 15 skin lotion at the moment. It's hell to get old. Oh, and keep the age issue just between you and me, Ok? (LOL).
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    Default Re: I need your help with...

    I've got tons of them. Age spots, my doctor says, and I wear SPF 30. I still get them, alas!

    Ladies' magazines used to advertise bleaching products for these spots. Remember Esoterica? I know there are bleaching products out there, but I don't use them.

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    Default Re: I need your help with...

    I recommend just pretending that they aren't there. Honestly!

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    Default Re: I need your help with...

    You can use one of the products sold by either Murad, Peter Thomas Roth or DDF (easily found in Sephora) which help to fade skin pigmentation and discolorations. These product do work with consistent use, along with a daily application of SPF 30 and re-application after hand washing, before exposing the skin to sunlight.
    Good luck.
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    Default Re: I need your help with...

    I can only sympathize about problem skin. Very pale here, and I notice my skin aging faster than my peers. I can easy be mistaken for someone ten years in advance of my current age.

    Embrace freckles! Only worry if they start looking cancerous.

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    There are many topical products but you need to use them every day and they take a very long time to make any difference. I've tried several with little success. I wish I'd saved the time and money I spent on them and used it to get instant results from a VBeam laser treatment from a dermatologist.

    However you manage to lighten or remove them, continue using a sun block or they will come right back. Something waterproof with at least a 30 spf might work well on the back of your hands. There's also several hand lotions that have a good sun block in them.

    I want to add a loosely-related warning:
    If you use sun block every day, make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. I have rosacea, use RetinA and have had chemical peels and laser treatments so have been cautioned by my docs to use sun block , wear hats, carry a parasol, etc. When I questioned them about what impact my sun avoidance would have on my Vitamin D levels, I was assured that since I live in SoCal, there was no chance it would be a problem. Not true! Due to very low Vitamin D levels (now I know I've been symptomatic for six years!) I now have to sit in the sun every day with no sun block, and no choice other than to watch my age spots return and my rosacea flare up. I now take massive Vitamin D supplements and am spending a fortune on dentists and doctors trying to address the resultant damage to my health.
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