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  • Between a flower child and a caveman.

    4 7.69%
  • Not too well, but I comb once in a while.

    3 5.77%
  • Standard.

    13 25.00%
  • I spend some time in front of mirror, and look sharp.

    24 46.15%
  • Why I groom fabulously boy.

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    Default How well do you groom?

    After reading many posts I came to realize a lot of the male population seems to take very good care of themselves in terms of grooming. I felt lonely as I don't groom a whole lot, I just like fragrances. Hence, this poll.

    I trim down my hair and beard very short once a month, and cut my nails biweekly. Not really a metrosexual.

    How about you?

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Not to be a bitch or anything, because you beat me in the 'Guess a Frag'-game,
    but this is posted in the wrong forum. Try the 'Men's Grooming' section under

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Trim my nails, alternate between a light beard and shaving, wear sunscreen in the warm months. That's it, really. I'm not particularly image-focused - this hobby as is more of a sensory hobby than a fashion hobby, and a fragrance to me is more akin to fine wine than clothes; something to savor personally rather than display to others.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Im fully aware that I was pretty near the back of the line when God was waving her beauty wand around , I do what I can , you know just the regular kind of stuff . Im not really a high maintenance kinda gay ... as they say you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I try to stay presentable in the nude. That's my philosophy.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Great thread idea, nice to see something different!

    I have a fairly thick beard, but it doesn't grow in patches or anything so it looks nice; I also wash it a couple times a week, I can't wash it every day because it starts to look too puffy -- as the natural oils come back, they help in being able to control its look. Sometimes it gets out of control though (as seen in some pics lol) and I'll trim it, or just go down to the goatee. I feel naked without some sort of facial hair, plus its a habit to touch. I trim my nails every other week usually, sometimes once every 3 weeks and I try to keep the dirt out of them. Toe nails I usually cut every month or 2; I'm not really a flip-flop guy, but I do try to maintain them. I wash my hands probably 10+ times a day. I shower every day or every other day, but I don't always wash my hair because it starts to turn into an afro sort of (it's a Jew thing lol) again.. the natural oils that develop on the scalp help in texturing the hair. Lately I've been dying my hair with permanent blue black which compliments me very much so I may continue. Sometimes I do dye my beard as well but the stuff seems to wash out quickly. My natural hair color is dark brown, but black is just really flattering I think. I shave between my eyebrows every 3 or 4 weeks -- I notice little hairs there that just annoy me, I don't have a unibrow, it's just something I magnify, I guess that really doesn't need to be done. I clean out my ears every month or 2.. I should probably do it more often. And of course.. I wear a fragrance everytime I go out, whether it's to work, the store, social activities, playing basketball or working out. I also use body sprays sometimes. etc etc Blah Blah.. I could keep going on but I'm already feeling conceited talking about my personal regimen.

    It may seem like a lot of work but it's really so natural to me, and just routine. I don't in any way have OCD, nor am I metro or gay. It's just a habit and a reflection of who I am.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    i trim my nose hairs, i shave a few times a week i have sensitive skin so i do not do it all the time, i trim my nails of course, i sometimes use moisturizer to help with my dry skin, i shave my unibrow if it comes up which is so subtle but i hate it lol, i keep my hair looking sharp and i use sodium laureth sulfate free shampoo only, i might get a little lax if i am at home since i am not going out but everyday going out or school oriented i look and smell sharp. I use after shave balm instead of alcohol based aftershave since it is better on the skin. That about covers the basics.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Sorry I had to take a break between posting the thread and the poll. I actually thought about posting in men's grooming but I thought people who frequented that forum would probably be groomed, and it was about the correlation.

    Aaanyway, keep them coming.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Pretty much a standard kind of grooming, with several digressions and variations both below and above average.

    Shaving a few times a week (since the quantity and frequency of growth doesn't allow me yet to shave daily), shave off any form of unibrow, keep my nails very short, either trim or shave off most of my body hair, i also use creams, moisturizers and lotions both for my body and for my face;
    yet, in spite of all that, I never see myself as a metrosexual, since I never wear to elaborate hairstyles, makeup, showy accessories, I never get my skin tanned- naturally or artificially, I never work out (of course, working out as part of a medical treatment or a diet is excluded), with the exception of moisturizing cream and lotion, plus the basic body care products, I hardly ever use a too vast and diverse array of cosmetics, I never had plastic surgery so far, although I do consider permanent hair removal in the beard area (but, far more because I want to look clean-shaven without the regular chore of this particular grooming ritual and, thus, eliminating a grooming ritual from my daily schedule is far more the opposite of metrosexual)
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    In terms of grooming I am pretty much similar to Ken_Russell ^ but I must admit I am a product whore and I love trying new products. My room is filled with unfinished products, some still quite full. I been going back and forth with high end dept store products and cheap drug store variants. So the products I use nowadays is a combination of both. I used to be a firm believer in the Clinique 3 Step routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing but in the past 3 months I was getting too lazy to use a toner so nowadays I just cleanse and moisturize and use an anti acne cream when necessary. I prefer keeping my grooming routine simple and spend more time sleeping LOL.
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I'm so happy I'm not alone on the unibrow thing lol.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Cologneist View Post
    I'm so happy I'm not alone on the unibrow thing lol.
    you are not alone lol

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Wash and tone daily, shave daily except weekends, sunscreen, lotion, brush hair with just a tiny bit of gel. Nails are bitten. Oh yeah, and sometimes I wear fragrance.
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    With all my apologies to bump a two year old-thread and without wanting to influence the poll in any way, I just realized how much my grooming habits have changed, improved and expanded, partly also under the influence of Basenotes (I was pretty well-groomed before, but never so interested and even fond of it, as I am at this point).

    Switched to DE shaving and thus finally overcame my reluctance about daily shave, thus shaving daily. Larger quantities of moisturizers both for body and face used daily. Far more than the daily shower or the showers taken a few times a day. No alcohol-based aftershave, using creams and lotions instead of this, also thorough cleansing and moisturizing my face 2-3 times a day, applying a face peeling at least once a week. Also, without being on a diet or a fitness/wellness fanatic, more careful about my nourishment and even timidly started to work out daily, albeit with very light exercises.
    More frequent body hair removal, also haven't given up on my dream on permanent hair removal, especially in the face area as a possible substitute to shaving.
    All in all, more rituals and routines, also marked by a gradual separation from most cosmetic and grooming products containing parabens and alcohol. Also, more time in front of the mirror, not just for my routines, but also for a last visual checkup as to whether my grooming/body and face care was precise, meticulous and effective enough.

    And oh, both my clothes and my fragrance wardrobe have expanded in the meantime, with some wristwatch purchases and regular expansion of the range of cosmetics used by me thrown in for the extra kicks.

    Yet I stayed quite "natural" in my opinion, no plastic surgery, nothing foppish, tacky or artificial, not even increasingly popular guy-liner/man-liner is ever going to be used, instead opting for buying organic (or so do their brands claim) cosmetic and grooming products as often as possible, while my rather puristic, formal and classic fashion taste remains the same.
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    I trim and clean myself as I would want my lady friend to be...if that makes sense.

    Married now, so I get to relax some!

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Due to my profession I must maintain a cleanly shaved face and well groomed hair (Yes, I'm a male model). To help aid me with such "rigorous" grooming standards:

    I cut my hair shorter recently so I don't use pomade anymore. I do however still use the straight razor to shave. I keep my eyebrows in line. I don't get them waxed or anything, but I make sure they don't grow wildly.
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I'm into DE shaving, fragrances, clothing and good style - so I'm pretty sure I spend a good deal more than the average dude on male grooming.....

    Have 300+ fragrances, 30+ shaving creams, use Clinique, Osmium and Lancôme Men skin care products and have 5+ shaving brushes so let's just say I'm hooked on male grooming

    Also own 100+ shirts, 100+ polo shirts, 50+ pants, 25+ shoes and 50+ ties, so there you go
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I am closest to a caveman. I just shower every day, and shave my head twice a year. I trim my beard every 15 days so that it doesnt grow too wild. I dont use creams, gels, hidratants. Anything. Just shampoo for my hair and beard, and perfume!
    I like the "I dont care style"...but not untidy, just plain natural.
    I always think to myself: Poor girls, need to shave their body, dye the hair, get curls, use makeup, wear creams for the morning, creams for the night.... I feel blessed to be a man in the sense that I dont feel I need that necesarily. I only do that kind of things if I enjoy the Ritual! (I am starting to get curious about beard products....)
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I'm not sure what category I fit in. I have some outdoorsy blood in me from years of hiking and climbing so I'm comfortable being a little grungy, but I can and do look presentable when I need to, which, because of my job is often - presentations, meetings with elected officials, etc. So, my routine is to shower and shave every other day, keep my shirt tucked in, make sure my leathers match and my socks are darker than my pants, and always have a jacket and tie around just in case. My beard grows slowly so on the off days my scruff isn't atrocious and my hair is seldom oily - I can pull it off. I trim my nose hairs and eyebrows weekly, get a haircut monthly, and trim my nails when needed (I need them for playing the guitar) but clean them everyday. But most importantly, because of the fine folks here at BN, I always smell fantastic! (I also keep a bottle of sandalwood oil and some perfume samples around just in case.) Is that "standard"? I don't know but that's what I put.
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Because of job have to be well groomed at all times.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    i don't spend a lot of time in front of a mirror so to speak, but i do take really good care of myself. i guess you could say i'm pretty efficient in this field

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pour_Monsieur View Post
    as they say you cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear
    Lol :-)

    I'm groomed fairly well (at least I think so, which is what counts!). Sometimes I can neglect shaving and getting a haircut a little, so there is some caveman DNA.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Rather fastidiously.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I don't add anything to the usual wash, shave, brush teeth routine.

    Anything above that is superfluous so I don't bother myself to even consider it.

    You're welcome.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Shave beard, keep stubble goatee and mustache - once a week.
    Nails - biweekly.
    Haircut - monthly.
    Cleanse and moisturize after each shower - daily.
    Keep eyebrows neat and tidy - weekly.
    Nether regions - bimonthly (biweekly when dating).
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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Shave daily, regular haircuts every two weeks, keep the nose hair in check every few days and trim my fingernails every few days as well. My interest in fragrance has spurred an interest in grooming products as well. Currently use the Art of Shaving kit and Jack Blacks Turbo Wash in the shower, seriously invigorating stuff.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    I shave with a DE razor every morning during the work week. I shampoo with American crew citrus mint shampoo and condition a couple times a week. Use baxters of California facial moisturizer and Kiehl's facial scrub or facial wash every morning. I use Paul mitchel lab shaping paste for my hair and keep a tub of American crew fiber in my gym bag. I use certain dri deodorant 2x a week to keep sweating in check and Gillette clinical every morning to maintain. I use baxters of California aha night cream most nights for my face and I use Anthony logistics deep pore cleansing clay 1x - week for my pores. I keep my hair medium length and I get my eyebrows waxed 1x a month. I shave my chest periodically and well as.... Nevermind....

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    People get their hair cut every two weeks? Wow, I suddenly feel like a dirty hippie.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Shave every other day
    Fingernails every other week
    Toenails once a month
    Haircut every other week (Sometimes will get a shape up if I need to look good on the off week)
    Use Clinique products for deep cleansing, moisturising, shave prep, & after shave healing daily
    Hair is kept very short, so no need for combing or any hair products
    Hair removal in nose & ears weekly.
    Don't have a uni-brow, but will pluck any stragglers.
    Lift weights twice a week
    Cardio three times a week

    All in all, I think males being well groomed has become closer to standard. So I would put myself somewhere between Standard, & I spend some time in front of mirror, and look sharp.

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    Default Re: How well do you groom?

    Quote Originally Posted by mesaboogie View Post
    Due to my profession I must maintain a cleanly shaved face and well groomed hair (Yes, I'm a male model). To help aid me with such "rigorous" grooming standards:

    I cut my hair shorter recently so I don't use pomade anymore. I do however still use the straight razor to shave. I keep my eyebrows in line. I don't get them waxed or anything, but I make sure they don't grow wildly.
    Props on the Bryl Cream. word.

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