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    Default Buying samples was a great decision!

    I was pretty sure that Creed BDP would be something I would really like, but after getting my sample I was shocked at how much it smells like an old man. The more I smell it, it is very complex and I would love it as a candle, but no chance I could pull it off as a cologne.

    I also got Creed GIT (nice, yes similar to Cool Water, but much more to it) and also Creed MI (this is really nice!! Nothing like I have ever had before). The Creeds are definitely some high quality juice with nice lasting power which is something my skin really needs.

    Live Jazz. This is also really nice. Does this remind me of Good Life or am I way off? I haven't had Good Life for several years but for some reason this reminds me of it.

    Dior Homme. Holy smokes.....!!! Who let the old lady cheap perfume in disguised as something a guy should be wearing!!?! I seriously had a family member that always smelled exactly like this 20 years ago. She was in her 80s and it smelled appropriate. On a guy? Ridiculous. I'm a newbie at these non-department store scents so I may be WAY wrong..... but man this is absurdly weird to think a guy would wear this.

    I guess that's why not blind buying is always a great idea.

    Anyhow, I can see that this site is going to cost me a LOT of money! I must resist the addiction to build a crazy collection like some of you guys.

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    Thanks for sharing pcrisp. I totally agree that buying samples is worth it. I've been going the sample and decant route this year too. I'm enjoying that so much more, and trying a lot of different frags going this route than by buying full bottles.

    Enjoy the journey. And, yes, this site is bad for the wallet.

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    always try before you buy ,especially with creed good call!

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    Sampling is the way to go. You got some surprises out of your batch- which is why you should sample.

    Yes, Dior Homme is unique...a "new age" scent to be sure. A lot of men swear by it. BTW, it IS a designer department store scent. I have mixed feelings on it myself.

    I don't know much about Marion, IN, but you probably don't have a lot of selection. Keep reading the reviews and the Directory for direction, be patient and order samples. You seem a bit new to scents, and you'll start to develop your instincts about what sounds like you might like.
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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    I am definitely new to the scents compared to all of you basenoters! Before this site I felt like I had exhausted my resources for quality perfumes. Over the past 20 or so years, I have owned and/or sampled nearly every colognes that a department store has to offer. Little did I know that the department stores were merely a micro collection of marketing fluff. I have been opened up to a whole new world of quality and appreciation.

    After writing my original post, I kept smelling the Live Jazz sample that I had put on. It really keeps reminding me of something similar. Anyone know if my guess at Good Life is correct? It's really bugging me. The longevity doesn't seem to be anywhere close to the Creeds but the cost is about a 1/3 of the Creeds too.

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    Good move to order samples. As great as this site is for describing a scent, you never really know until you try it.
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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    I used to hate buying samples and decants. The price of 4 or 5 little 5ml decants, coupled in with the shipping cost, ends up costing about as much as some designer fragrance bottles. 20-odd-ml of fragrance versus 50ml+ didn't make sense to me. But I've now realised that 5ml can still give you many many wearings (like a whole week straight worth of wearings), and you have 4-5 fragrances to discover and enjoy (or hate!) as opposed to just 1, and it's that last thing that makes decants/samples so fun.

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    If I am in a store I will always try out the fragrance before I buy it, but if a fragrance I want is not readily available, I will always blind buy it.

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    Sampling is a good thing. You should also hold on to those samples of things you don't like... in six months you might try it again and decide you like it.
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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    Not sure where you live but stores like Nieman Marcus,Nordstroms,Sephora etc,where you can get free samples,without purchasing anything,just ask the salesperson.For the record Dior Homme is a great fragrance,but we all like what we like...

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    Default Re: Buying samples was a great decision!

    Please stop bumping historic threads.

    Thank you.

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