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    Default Guerlian perfumes & fakes

    Do the Guerlain perfumes come in a pour or splash bottle?

    All of Guerlain mini's would be in an attractive bottle, correct? with name on it etc.

    I see a few ebay sellers are attempting to do decants, so how can you trust it? I don't believe you can

    I'll stick to the Pefume court for samples

    Are there fake Guerlains out there, like those that "smell like" this is that, which you see in stores?
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    Default Re: Guerlian perfumes & fakes

    Mr. Guerlain, can you help us out here?

    Some Guerlains can be bought as discount in full bottle, but some exclusives must be bought at boutiques. Perfumed Court is a good source for sampling.
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    Default Re: Guerlian perfumes & fakes

    3nines, I think I've seen the same eBay listings you have, for "Guerlain minis" where all the scents are in the same, cheap-looking plain bottles with black caps on a red background? Yeah, I assume those are fakes.

    I don't think that Guerlain is subject to the kind of high-end fakery that Chanel, for instance, is -- where they actually copy the bottle and packaging. Their bottles are too ornate, and they aren't as wildly popular as the Chanels.

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    Default Re: Guerlian perfumes & fakes

    Not sure I really understand the question, but I agree with Thalia that we have luckily not witnessed any Guerlains being copied or faked. Obviously, though, authentic Guerlain splash bottles can be sold with unauthentic content on eBay. This does happen, sadly.

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