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Thread: Best Samba's?

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    Default Best Samba's?

    Recently I purchased Kiss Me by Samba, great blind buy and gives me a little more insight into the Samba line. It's very complex as many have said, they really are high quality feeling. Although Kiss Me is synthetic, it's very nice. I get like a lemon cookie gourmand aroma at the end, but the beginning is a little more complex.. I've only worn it once so I'm not gonna review it just yet.

    Anyways.. I'm wondering which Samba's are your favorites or the best (subjective)? I will be blind buying them so any feedback will be helpful. Thanks

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    Default Re: Best Samba's?

    Have all of them, but my personal favorite is Zipped. I find it very refreshing.

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    The original Samba for Men is a good '80s-style fragrance, from what I remember. If you like that era, that one might be a safe blind buy.

    Samba Heat Man reminds me of a cruder version of one of the Hugo Boss fragrances (maybe someone can help me -- the one with lots of cinnamon?). This is one that I would not buy blind probably.

    There are two Sambas called "Kiss" something, "Kiss Me," "French Kiss," something like that. The one in the opaque blue bottle is like a less hyperactive Le Male, and the one in the black bottle is like A*Men. Not exactly clones, but along those lines. Those would probably be worth blind buys if the price is right.

    I get the impression that European mass-market fragrances, which we do not usually have access to in the United States, are just a little bit better done. In addition to Samba, there's Ulric de Variens and the Cafe-Cafe line.

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