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    Default Website Q: Directory + notes. where are they from?

    my question is where do the notes of the majority of the fragrances come from? the only frags i have that actually says what the notes are is John Varvatos (all of them) A*Men (3 of them) and Ice*Men (3 of them + hints at others).

    is it all just professional noses picking these out or can anyone put what the notes are? im just curious because so many frags have many, many notes and out of the ones i own, i have alot of trouble finding some notes, and some straight up arent in the fragrance as far as i can tell

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    Default Re: Website Q: Directory + notes. where are they from?

    Don't let the listed notes fool you. They are simply interpretations of the scents the perfumer tried to replicate created by either the company marketing the perfume, a professional, or sometimes amateur perfume aficionados. I've always viewed them as simply guidelines.

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