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    Default What to buy at Sephora

    Hi all:

    I received a Sephora gift card for my birthday! How nice that someone understands and respects my interest in fragrances enough to give me such a gift. I was surprised and touched. Now I have to figure out what to buy.

    I went to Sephora on Monday to try things out. The selection was somewhat limited. I thought I would look for something nice for summer since we are headed there soon. From what I tried, here is what I am considering:

    Prada Man (Amber)—I’ve been flirting with this one for about a year now. I like it every time I try it, but for some reason I just haven’t been able to make up my mind. I’m afraid that I might get tired of it after awhile. I do love the soapy smell though.

    Kenzo (original)—I was surprised that they even had it because I had never seen it in a store. It fits well with my oceanic interest, as detailed in a previous thread. A strong contender.

    L’Eau par Kenzo—I liked the refreshing lemonade character of this but not sure about it for the long haul.

    DKNY Men—Hiss, boo, hiss, you might say, but I loved the way it smelled! Another strong contender.

    Burberry Summer—Another I liked in the same vein as DKNY Men but perhaps not as much.

    Cannabis Santal—This was in the women’s section. Probably not really a summer fragrance, but I liked its soft sweetness. Great price, too.

    There were others (Allure Edition Blanche comes to mind), but the ones mentioned above were the standouts for me. I’m leaning toward Kenzo or DKNY. Probably Kenzo because I might never find it in a store again, but I’m having a hard time making up my mind. I know Sephora has other offerings online, but I’m limiting myself to the ones I can get at the store.

    Just thought I would share my Sephora testing expedition. Thanks!

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    I'd suggest that you also check the Sephora website, assuming that the card is good for that. I've seen a few fragrances on the website that I've never seen at the store.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    I've noticed that Sephora selections vary widely by location. If you want to try before you buy, you might try going to different locations in your area. There's one Sephora in my area that has a pretty good selection of high-end stuff. Another Sephora has nothing but the most bland and boring selections. Your mileage may vary.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    We just got a Sephora here in London Ontario, the selection looks pretty good to me. I'm feinding for a bottle of Burberry Brit.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    It really depends on location.
    Just as the Macy's near my house carrys clothes from AJ and D&G Sport, which isnt listen on their site
    the Sephora near my house carry things that are not listed on their site, and has the ones that are "online only".
    It also got many EDP available.
    Its located in the Americana's Mall, and it has the biggest selection i have seen in the Sephora chain.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    They finally sell Tom Ford Exteme online now.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    I just discovered that Sephora carries Guerlain Vetiver in my area, and made sure to take advantage of their generous sample policy.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    They also have a good amount of Dior fragrances online.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    L'eau par Kenzo sounds like a good one to me. I have a sample and think it smells nice right now.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    Kenzo pour homme is a good buy.

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    AdP Colonia through the website

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    Default Re: What to buy at Sephora

    Quote Originally Posted by adonis View Post
    AdP Colonia through the website
    the one near my house carries it in store.

    is it worth getting 6 samples of? lol (they allow up to 6 samples no?)

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