I returned Giorgio Beverly Hills to TJ Maxx today.. it's a nice strong barbershop scent and all but it smells too much like burning plastic up close. I'm the type who always sniffs my wrists.. and it just was too harsh for me. Although it smelled great from a distance!

Anyhoo that's another story all together. I picked up PS Casual cologne instead and am pretty pleased. It does start off cheap smelling.. very powdery with huge projection. Florals and citrus.. maybe orange or grapefruit. Within a few minutes it transfers into this extremely clean soapy smell which is something I've been looking for. It literally smells like a bar of Dove soap. behind the soapiness it has this lingering candy-like syntheticness to it that's actually not bad, but it does make it smell cheap. The floral smell really comes back when it dries down and it's really very nice for such a cheapy.

Casual is just one of those frags that I always pass by over and over and over, and I never think twice about it. But 3.4 oz for 10 bucks.. great deal. Anyone else like this stuff? It's not amazing but I suggest maybe those of you who pass by it again.. don't overlook it. It's a nice soapy/floral that's a nice switch up from all of these citrus or woodsy or gourmands out there.