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    Default Two reviews: MPG Parfum d´Habit & ELDO Charogne

    I have just recieved these and I am already thrilled....

    Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier - Parfum d´Habit is a beautiful longlasting masterpiece.
    It is manly but not in the macho 80s powerhose way. It is a refined powerful leathery frag.
    At first it assaults the senses with a blast of iris and bitter green citrus. But it settles down (not softens) to a beautiful vetiver-patchuly-leather combo that is bewitchingly outstanding. It projects an aura of elegance and sophistacated manliness.
    I know that iris is not listed but I find it prominent. It is soft and dusty.
    Then it behaves kinda linear till it finishes with a patchuli-vetiver base.
    It last 18 hs on my skin and projects strongly for more than 8 hs.
    According to the notes it seems to be a common place macho scent, but it is not even close to anything I have already smelled. The colsest thing I can imagine is like mix of Habit Rouge middle notes (no vanilla) with Chanel No 19 whitout the aldehydes....
    There is a particular note in it that reminds me of trans-nonenal, a molecule responsible of some dry-fresh-woody aromas in oak aged wines.

    Etat Libre d´Orange - Something familiar yet different. It is like smelling a non-descript flower. A new flower that has been recently discovered in a crazy landscape.
    Maybe a flower that grows in Tim Burton´s Underland smell this way.
    It is sharp, metalic, spicy, sweet and plasticky but not animallic. I don´t sense very much the indoles (as lot of people seem to do) I get white flowers, decaying petals, metallic incense (similar to that found in Nu edp).
    It starts sweet and tart, like a mixture of bergamot leaves and Jasmine with a very spicy peppery edge. This is an incredibly different accord that I find very attractive.
    Then a littler leather (suede like), white flowers bouquet and hints of vanilla and metatalic incense. Later on, the base is strong vanilla and some incense and flowers.
    The final stage reminds me of Kenzo Amour.
    I find a clear cinnamon accord, but not a typical cinnamon bark. It smells exactly like cinnamon candies, more precisely Altoids.
    This is a very complex everchanging blend, long lasting (8+ hs) that proyects a lot during the first hour and then quiets down.

    I highly recommend both.


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    Default Re: Two reviews: MPG Parfum d´Habit & ELDO Charogne

    Thank you for sharing! Please add these to the review archives.

    I think I will pull my Parfum d'Habit out....the gold cap with that large red stone fell off...
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